Zoigl Inn in the Upper Palatinate

Hier wird frisches Zoigl-Bier in den Garten des alten Pfarrhofs gebracht
Here, fresh Zoigl beer is brought to the garden of the old vicarage / © Photo: Georg Berg

The drinkable Zoigl beer is a bottom-fermented, unfiltered traditional beer from the northern Upper Palatinate. Windischeschenbach, with a population of around 5,700, is considered the center of Zoigl. Zoigl is part of Bavaria’s intangible cultural heritage and is fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast in cold private cellars or rock cellars. Zoigl beer is amber-colored, slightly cloudy and tastes fresh and drinkable despite its low carbon dioxide content.

A home brewer, indicates his private beer bar by the six-pointed Zoiglstern. This usually dangles from the pole of the house gable or above the entrance door…. The Zoiglster resembles the Star of David, but is the old craft sign of the brewers and symbolizes the three elements involved: fire, water and air, as well as the ingredients water, malt and hops, which have been known since the Middle Ages. Yeast as a further brewing ingredient was still missing at that time. For centuries, the star has shown the way to beer. In dialect, the pointer has become the Zeigel and later the Zoigl.



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In Windischeschenbarch the brewing right is guaranteed since the year 1455. The right is anchored to the house and land and recorded in the land register. The prince once granted this brewing right to some citizens. It dates back to a time when drinking water was often contaminated and it was more beneficial to health to drink beer. Even today, some private brewers, also called home brewers, operate a communal brewhouse in the region. For the use and especially the preservation of this cultural feature, they pay a “kettle money” as a membership fee. Of the 38 members, however, only ten are still actively brewing. A year in advance, the innkeepers agree on who is allowed to open on which weekend. This is how the Zoigl calendar is created, which nowadays can also be found on the Internet. If you move the cursor over a photo, further information is displayed.

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Calendar by Georg Berg

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