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Zoigl – Beer tradition in Germany

The Zoigl star is said to be older than the Star of David. As a sign of the brewers' craft, it indicates where freshly brewed beer is available / © Photo: Georg Berg

The Zoigl star is said to be older than the Star of David. As a sign of the brewers' craft, it indicates where freshly brewed beer is available / © Photo: Georg Berg

Several times a year, smoke rises above the fortified castle of Falkenberg. Then the week-long brewing process begins in the historic brewhouse of the village in the Upper Palatinate. Zoigl beer is brewed. For generations, the processes on a typical brewing day have been determined by the Zoigl recipe and the special construction of the listed brewhouse. Originally, beer production was divided among three professions, of which the familiar surnames have survived to this day: The maltsters were responsible for producing the malt with its water-soluble components from the grain (mainly barley). Today, there are only a few breweries that still process home-made malt. Brewers produce the wort, which contains all the components of the beer except for the alcohol and is crucial for its flavor character. Then, for alcoholic fermentation, yeast cultivated by the yeast maker is added.

Zoigl brewing in the Upper Palatinate. Black smoke rises above the Falkenberg communal brewery / © Photo: Georg Berg

We accompany the complete brewing process at Kommun-Brauhaus Falkenberg over three days. The Upper Palatinate, like the neighboring Czech Republic, has a lively and craft beer brewing tradition. Zoigl is part of Bavaria’s intangible cultural heritage and is fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast in cold private cellars. It is amber-colored, slightly cloudy and tastes fresh and drinkable despite its low carbon dioxide content.


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Zoigl beer is traditionally brewed only in a few communities in the Upper Palatinate by private individuals, for their own consumption. The brewing right for this is registered in the land register and is sold or inherited with the associated buildings. In Falkenberg in the Upper Palatinate, about 40 of 120 registered home brewers practice. In spring, they join together in a brewing community on 10 days and in fall on five days. Zoigl parlors, on the other hand, brew as needed. If you move the cursor over a photo, more information appears.

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