The wish stone

In the visitors’ room of the Icelandic Segull-67 brewery, Angela enthusiastically finds the story that promises her the fulfillment of a wish. Her hand rests on the jasper quartz stone with its magical powers even as she reads it.

Jaspis Wunschstein / © Foto: Georg Berg

“Today is your lucky day, you are standing in front of a wish stone! Once a year, on Midsummer night, wish stones float on the lakes. This stone was found on the lake Arnbjargarvatn near the town of Siglufjordur. If you stand in front of the stone, it will grant you a wish. Close your eyes to make a wish, and if you think of the stone later, your wish will come true. Touching the stone is not recommended.”

Segull 67
Jaspis Wunschstein / © Foto: Georg Berg
Marteinn Haraldson, owner of the Segull 67 brewery, is pleased with a successful prank. He just made up the fantastic story / © Photo: Georg Berg

Wondrous Iceland Stories

Magical, mystical, whimsical. On our trip through Iceland, we experienced overwhelming nature, enjoyed the benefits of geothermal energy and tasted many an outlandish dish or of the beer that was only legalized in 1989. In Iceland there are leader sheep, but under no circumstances ponies. Instead, the descendants of the Vikings today have heated sidewalks, still seething volcanoes and a lot of creativity, which in the long dark months is the best recipe against the onset of winter depression. Other Moment Mal episodes are about hairy beer bottles, petrified trolls and wishing stones. Fermented, cruelly stinking Greenland shark contrasts with rye bread baked in hot earth. The whales that regularly appear off Húsavík are a popular photo motif during whale watching.

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