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With style and understatement, the Hash, a fun run in scavenger hunt style, takes place. It’s a run where you can’t win anything, but you can experience a lot. On the day I participate, it goes through swamps, streams and spice groves, over beaches and through remote settlements. How hard it will be is not known beforehand. Only that it starts round about 15 o’clock. Those who have so far only known a hash tag as a key term on the Internet will have to rethink on the hash run. Worldwide there are 1,700 groups spread over all continents. On Grenada, every Saturday is hash day.

Auch Cricket-Mannschaften (im Hintergrund) feiern gerne mit, wenn die Hash House Harriers ihr Lebenselixier ausschenken
Beer is the lifeblood of the Hash House Harriers / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hash clubs originated in the British colonies about 80 years ago, where their members wanted to neutralize the past week’s binge drinking by doing a little exercise. This Saturday we are witnessing an anniversary in Grenada. The 1,111 run is organized. Although it is a liquor number, once again it is all about beer. Before and especially after the sweaty round, large quantities are consumed, which are kept well chilled. This is the job of the beermaster – one of the most important offices of the volunteer organization.

Report on a Caribbean weekend

The research trip was supported by Grenada Tourism

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Photos to Hash House Harriers – HHH – H3 – Scavenger Hunt with cult status

In a short speech (Chalk-Talk) before the run the marking signs are explained. After all, everyone should know how to recognize the right way, a dead end or even a place with several options. If the tracks are skillfully laid by the Hares (hares), the fastest can easily get lost and, until they find the right path, give a chance to the pursuers, who thus stay on the right track without detour. The basic rules of the hash apply worldwide and have been handed down in English. They are the epitome of understatement. The distribution of tasks may be strictly regulated. But it doesn’t matter how it is implemented. The point, after all, is that at any event the participants have fun and the organizers have as little work as possible.

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The Hash House Harriers use uniform commands worldwide. “On-on” is not only the most heard word on a run, it also appears in the foot-shaped hash logo. “On-on” is what everyone says when they’re on the right track. It is the positive response option to the question, “are-you?”. “On-back”, on the other hand, answers the one who comes back from a dead end, and “on-lost” means absolutely lost.

Hash runs and hash groups, i.e. hash house harriers, also exist in Germany. Runs are organized in many big cities. Moreinformation about HHH can be found on Wikipedia.

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