Tuscan scenery in Val d’Orcia

Already the view of the landscape near Bagno Vignoni brings relaxation. The fantastic location of the Hotel Adler Thermae in combination with a rich wellness offer, leaves nothing to be desired for anyone seeking relaxation. Many of the offered treatments are related to the naturally fed source of the 50 degree hot thermal water. In addition, the very good hotel restaurant, from the varied breakfast buffet to the multi-course menu in the evening, offers a wide selection and always local specialties. The outdoor fan is offered in addition a varied leisure program beyond the hotel grounds. During a stay in the Tuscan countryside, which is still green in spring, we got to know both the amenities of the indoor program and the exciting excursions into the surrounding countryside to get to know the countryside and its people.

Hügel, Zypressen, Felder, Entspannung ...  / © Foto: Georg Berg
Hills, cypresses, fields, relaxation … / © Photo: Georg Berg

The Val d’Orcia was transformed by man during its settlement in the 14th and 15th centuries. At that time it received its now characteristic hills and the famous cypresses. Harmony of agricultural use in harmony with nature, this is what the inhabitants of the Orcia Valley still stand for today. It is a perfect place to ground yourself.

Das Haupthaus im Stil einer römischen Villa. Zu beiden Seiten verteilen sich die 90 Hotelzimmer, alle mit eigener Terrasse oder Balkon und Blick in die Landschaft / © Foto: Georg Berg
The main house in the style of a Roman villa. On either side are the 90 hotel rooms, all with their own terrace or balcony and views of the countryside / © Photo: Georg Berg

The Val D’Orcia is located in the southern part of the province of Siena in Tuscany. Since 2004, this landscape has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But even before this distinction, people have been mindful of this beautiful corner of the world. This was the case with the construction of the Hotel Adler Thermae. It is a project of the Sanoner family, who by then can look back on 200 years of successful hotel and gastronomic history in Ortisei in Val Gardena. In Bagno Vignoni they have ventured their first hotel project far from their native mountains.

Das Hotelgebäude im Stil einer toskanischen Villa ist in einen ehemaligen Steinbruch gebaut. So fügt sich das Hotel Adler Thermae in die von der UNESCO geschützte Landschaft / © Foto: Georg Berg
The hotel building in the style of a Tuscan villa is built in a former quarry. This is how the Hotel Adler Thermae fits into the UNESCO-protected landscape / © Photo: Georg Berg

Sensitive integration into the landscape surroundings becomes the highest architectural principle for the Sanoner family. The result is felt by the guest at Hotel Adler Thermae both during his stay in the hotel complex and during the excursion program. Around the year the team of hotel director Anton Pichler works out an appealing leisure program. We were present at an annual highlight: the 5th Marathon Adler Thermae, a hiking marathon with pleasure stations. We also tracked down a culinary rarity and prepared the delicacy at the Tenuta, the Sanoner family’s own winery, under the guidance of asparagus whisperer Giulio.

Beides sehr verlockend: Die Thermalwelt mit mehreren Außenbecken und jenseits der harmonisch eingefügten Trakte mit den Gästezimmern, die Hügel und Zypressenlandschaft des Val d’Orcia / © Foto: Georg Berg
Both very tempting: the thermal world with several outdoor pools and beyond the harmoniously inserted wings with the guest rooms, the hills and cypress landscape of the Val d’Orcia / © Photo: Georg Berg.

The perfect balance between activity and relaxation in the spa area is provided by a 40-person team in league with the 50-degree warm bubbling spring of the famous thermal water of Bagno Vignoni. Already the ancient Etruscans and after them the Romans knew how to appreciate the healing power of these waters. Since ancient times, these springs have been known for their healing properties. They are said to be particularly beneficial for the skin and joints.

In der Ortsmitte von Bagno Vignoni dominiert das alte Thermalbecken. Heute ist da Becken denkmalgeschützt und Baden hier verboten. Aber der Charme der alten Badestätte ist perfekt erhalten. Einige Cafés und Restaurant säumen die historische Stätte, die oft auch schon Filmkulisse war / © Foto: Georg Berg
The old thermal pool dominates the center of Bagno Vignoni. Today the pool is a protected monument and bathing is prohibited. But the charm of the old bathing place is perfectly preserved. Several cafes and restaurants line the historic site, which has often been a movie set / © Photo: Georg Berg

In the Flow – The Spa Area at Hotel Adler Thermae

An outdoor thermal pool, a 25-meter sports pool, a sauna lake, a steam bath carved into the rock. Together, the Adler Thermae comes to 1,000 square meters of water surface. The therapists and doctors take care of the guests holistically.

Eine der vielen kleinen Oasen auf dem Gelände des Hotels Adler Thermae. Hier sieht man besonders gut, dass die Anlage in den aufgelassenen Steinbruch gebaut wurde. Die Wand im Hintergrund des Sauna-Gartens ist Travertin-Gestein, das sich auch im Hotel selber oft wiederfindet / © Foto: Georg Berg
One of the many small oases on the grounds of the Adler Thermae hotel. Here you can see particularly well that the facility was built into the abandoned quarry. The wall in the background of the sauna garden is travertine stone, which is also often found in the hotel itself / © Photo: Georg Berg

Innovative health concepts such as Haki Treatments are offered. Ever been pulled through 37-degree thermal water on elastic bands? Therapist Antonio Ventura has been specially trained to practice Austrian therapist Harald Kitz’s technique, which focuses particularly on the shoulders, neck and head. The treatment lasts almost an hour and if you manage to “let go” it acts like a meditation. After the gentle stretching and pressure movements underwater, when I get out of the pool I feel bigger and definitely loosened and released.

Haki-Flow, eine innovative Behandlungsmethode, die Verspannungen im Nacken und Schulterbereich löst. Therapeut Antonio zieht Redakteurin Angela Berg in schlangenartigen Bewegungen durch das Wasser / © Foto: Georg Berg
Haki flow, an innovative treatment method that relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area. Therapist Antonio pulls editor Angela Berg in snake-like movements through the water / © Photo: Georg Berg

Tuscany and Dolomites united in care products

The Hotel Adler Thermae works in the spa area with its own care line. Inspired by the two locations of the family business in the Dolomites and Tuscany. Natural, sustainable and free of chemical additives, flora and fauna get into bottles and tubes here. Red grapes of Tuscany with free radical scavengers, honey for suppleness and olive oil as an ingredient with a rejuvenating factor, are complemented by the precious herbs of the mountain world in the Dolomites.

Einmal globale Hautverjüngung: Während im Gesicht die Extrakte aus geflügelter Senna, Scharfgarbe und pflanzlichem Melatonin wirken, kümmert sich Kosmetik-Expertin Elisa auch um die Hände / © Foto: Georg Berg
Once global skin rejuvenation: While the extracts of winged senna, yarrow and plant melatonin work on the face, cosmetics expert Elisa also takes care of the hands / © Photo: Georg Berg.
Auch an der Schönheit von innen kann man im Adler Thermae jederzeit arbeiten. Beim Frühstück zum Beispiel mit einem selbst zusammengestellten Gemüsesaft direkt aus dem Entsafter / © Foto: Georg Berg
You can also work on your beauty from the inside at Adler Thermae at any time. At breakfast, for example, with a self-prepared vegetable juice straight from the juicer / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hiking through Tuscany

On narrow paths past boxwood bushes, olive trees and cypresses. Pieces of forest alternate with undulating meadows, past small streams. It is a steady shallow up and down. In spring, the rolling hills are covered with a carpet of green. From afar – and the Val d’Orcia offers this view at many points – you think someone has poured fresh green paint over the hills.

Das Grün der jungen Hartweizenpflanzen dominiert im April die Landschaft im Val d’Orcia / © Foto: Georg Berg
The green of the young durum wheat plants dominates the landscape in Val d’Orcia in April / © Photo: Georg Berg

Regular guests at Adler Thermae, who know Tuscany from summer vacations, are surprised and discover their “favorite landscape” in a whole new way. But already in May the first green fields turn into shades of brown. The durum wheat for Tuscan pasta is harvested, and the green carpet is rolled up again until next year. What remains is the defining geometry of the vines, contrasting beautifully with the rolling hills, broken by the famous avenues of cypress trees that are usually the indicator of a homestead.

Die Felder noch grün, die Olivenbäume noch braun. Die beste Zeit um Wandern zu gehen / © Foto: Georg Berg
The fields still green, the olive trees still brown. The best time to go hiking / © Photo: Georg Berg

Excursion in the morning – relaxation in the afternoon

Every week there are several opportunities for guests to explore this landscape. On foot, by bike or e-bike or even with one of the in-house electric cars. The guided tours are free of charge for the guests, only the consumption on the way is paid. The hiking excursions start early in the morning, right after breakfast. This is the best time for exercise, before settling down for a snack and a first good glass of wine at midday as temperatures rise. The varied program is designed and accompanied by Christina Mairhofer.

Christina Mairhofer, die Frau die zu jedem Hügel im Val d’Orcia Geschichten erzählen kann, hält eine ordentliche Ausbeute / © Foto: Georg Berg
Christina Mairhofer, the woman who can tell stories about every hill in the Val d’Orcia, holds a decent yield / © Photo: Georg Berg

Christina is from Austria and moved to Tuscany many years ago for love. She leads the different temperaments of the often German-Italian excursionists in a good mood and with a lot of knowledge about the country and its people. So, well fortified, they meet after breakfast for a hike to a local producer in Castiglione d’Orcia. The Pasquini family produces olive oil, wine and supplies durum wheat to a cooperative for making Tuscan pasta.

Besuch bei Tiziana Pasquini. Der Familienbetrieb produziert Olivenöl, Wein und Hartweizen für Pasta. Am Mittag gibt es einen herzhaften Imbiss und Kostproben von Wein und Olivenöl / © Foto: Georg Berg
Visit with Tiziana Pasquini. The family farm produces olive oil, wine and durum wheat for pasta. At noon there will be a hearty snack and tastings of wine and olive oil / © Photo: Georg Berg

Of course, you can also explore the area on your own. Hotel director Anton Pichler has had the hotel’s own hiking app developed. Many trails start right outside the hotel gates and are well signposted. Cultural excursions to nearby Pienza or Siena are also possible with the hotel’s electric cars.

Altstadt von Pienza mit dem Glockenturm der städtischen Verwaltung / © Foto: Georg Berg
Old town of Pienza with the bell tower of the municipal administration / © Photo: Georg Berg
Kleiner Flitzer mit dem man geräuschlos durch die schöne Landschaft fährt / © Foto: Georg Berg
Small runabout with which you can drive silently through the beautiful countryside / © Photo: Georg Berg

Tenuta Sanoner – Winery in harmony with nature

For those who want to keep their own range of motion smaller, a short walk to Tenuta Sanoner is recommended. The estate covers 30 hectares of land. 12 of them are suitable for viticulture of which five hectares are currently planted in the young winery. In addition, there are about 500 olive trees. The Tenuta, is farmed biodynamically and this in the greatest possible harmony with nature. The Sangiovese grape is grown in different locations. Already after a few years it has succeeded in producing excellent wines.

Gut zu Fuß erreichbar liegt oberhalb des Hotels das junge Weingut der Familie Sanoner / © Foto: Georg Berg
Within walking distance above the hotel is the young winery of the Sanoner family / © Photo: Georg Berg

At the Hotel Adler Thermae and at the events and promotions at the Tenuta, it is possible to taste, among other wines, the Aetos Sangiovese DOC, aged in wooden barrels, as well as the Aetos Rosé and the Aetos Sparkling. The Tenuta Sanoner is a modern building. Much like the hotel, it blends perfectly into the landscape. Almost invisible from the outside with its rusty-earthy façade, the winery offers a highly modern and straightforward interior on the inside. The view from the panoramic terrace opens up an impressive panorama for guests. A wonderful place to taste good wines or participate in one of the cooking classes regularly offered there.

Entspannt genießen auf der Panorama-Terrasse der Tenuta Sanoner / © Foto: Georg Berg
Relaxed enjoyment on the panoramic terrace of Tenuta Sanoner / © Photo: Georg Berg

Report on a hidden treasure: wild asparagus in Tuscany

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