Media data

The material collected on research trips is published through various distribution channels.
Editorial focus: Worldwide research on the topics of travel, culture, politics and cuisine.
Photos, texts and radio features, in more than 300 media.

Index Figures

Broken down separately for the magazine Tellerrand-Stories, the photo agency Alamy and Photocrowd (as at April 2024):


Unique Visitors76.000 / month
Page Impressions (PI)486.000 / month
PI per visitø6,4
Duration per visitø220 seconds
ReferrerSearch engines72 %
(of which)Google (web search)60 %
Social media14 %
(of which)Meta (FB and Insta)4,3 %
(of which)Pinterest2,8 %
(of which)LinkedIn2,5 %
(of which)Flipboard1,6 %
Other14 %


Photo views88.000 / month
total print run of all photos41.600.000


Views (since 2014)1.462.000
Awards (since 2014)6.854

Primary media

  • Publisher of the quadrilingual online magazine Tellerrand-Stories
  • Freelance authors in various media (print, broadcast and online)
  • Photo editors have access to our photos via the Alamy photo agency network

Social media channels are not primary media for us, but are primarily used for informal exchange.

Georg Berg is one of the most successful artists in the Photocrowd photographer network.

Tellerrand-Stories (online magazine)

This four-language travel magazine has readers all over the world. The articles are available online in German, English, French and Spanish without a paywall. They are free of advertising and are received intensively. The length of visits is long and on average more than six pages are called up. Each article contains a clearly visible link to the portfolio of photographer Georg Berg at the Alamy photo agency.

In the image-rich reports of the Tellerrand stories, readers focus on their searched topic. Additional information linked to the photos has agency quality. Geoinformation helps with orientation.

Alamy (photo agency)

The Alamy photo agency is part of the PA Media group. Its global network of 750 agencies includes Reuters, dpa and Mauritius, among others. All images are labeled with captions that meet the highest journalistic standards.

Georg Berg has been working as an agency photographer for Alamy since 2001. More than 25,000 of his pictures have led to a high reach in professional networks and have been published in more than 300 media. On Google and Bing, his images are among the top-ranked search results in their subject area.


We predominantly reach the post-material leadership milieu, which includes the committed-sovereign educated elite. Our audience is characterized by a sustainable lifestyle without an ideology of renunciation, as well as a spirit of optimism with a pronounced awareness of planetary challenges.

The Tellerrand-Stories tell of discoveries in different cultures and leave well-trodden paths. All articles focus on one main topic and remain timelessly relevant. With the evergreen content concept, we reach our audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Both the articles and the photos are predominantly found through thematic searches. Due to the structuring by countries, top topics and categories, many users read additional articles related to their original information needs. Tellerrand-Stories is also archived in the German National Library under ISSN: 2750-4069.

Search engine positioning

We evaluate the relevance of our content not only according to SERP positioning. Positionings on search engine result lists depend on the search term and are hardly comparable. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that more than 100 Google Maps POIs (Point of Interest) link directly to articles or photos from Tellerrand-Stories or Alamy.

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