Georg Berg

Photographer and editor

Georg Berg

The reporter Georg Berg reports as a journalist and agency photographer for the international photo agency Alamy. He also tells about travel destinations, encounters with people and cultural peculiarities in lectures and exhibitions. With his photos, Georg Berg captures reality. Patiently he observes places, waits for the special scene and then – sometimes suddenly – the moment arises to press the shutter. On the research trips of the last years calendars have been published on topics from all over the world, which are available through bookstores.

Georg Berg was employed as a cameraman, media developer and editor for many years at the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and has realized more than a thousand current TV reports with the camera.

As a freelance cameraman, he has produced the internationally acclaimed Feature film (Youtube) Siyabend U Xece in Kurdistan on original locations.

As an editor at WDR, he was instrumental in developing new forms of presentation on the Internet.

As an elected editor’s representative at WDR, he was the spokesperson for the Working Group of Public Editor’s Committees (AGRA) from 2004 to 2017.

Today he is a member of

Travel and photography have been an important part of his life since his studies. Sometimes it can be quite strenuous. Georg Berg considers week-long hikes through Eritrea or boat trips through the Amazon jungle to be just as much a luxury as comfortable hotels. He has traveled to all continents except Antarctica and knows that there are new things to discover everywhere.

Even while studying chemistry and long before this became a full-blown food trend, he developed a soft spot for fermentation. He has had his sourdough under control for many years and bakes excellent bread. In addition, he is a beekeeper and cares for bee colonies in his own garden.

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