Angela Berg

I work as a travel journalist and content writer. I am particularly enthusiastic about meaningful research content. In many places around the world, people are working on projects in the fields of sustainability, climate protection and community tourism. Their stories are worth telling. There is an international trend towards responsible travel. There is a growing desire to meet local communities and get to know the local culture. This is a wonderful trend, because when we understand each other better, it makes us more tolerant of other ways of life. I am convinced that every encounter, every conversation and every smile on a trip can be a small contribution to peace.

This is what we write about

#Nature #Hiking #Outdoor #Trekking

Outdoor experiences in connection with nature are becoming increasingly popular. Our reports on self-experienced hikes, bike tours, sailing trips and even marathons are supplemented by interviews with guides, hiking leaders and locals.

#Indigenous Tourism #Cultural Tourism #Community Tourism

Support the locals and travel with depth. According to the definition of UNWTO and WINTA(World Tourism Organization and World Indigenous Tourism Alliance), indigenous tourism refers to local community projects in rural areas that are often supported by indigenous peoples. According to the two organizations, indigenous tourism can also be defined more broadly. It then refers to activities in which indigenous peoples are directly involved, for example when they exercise control or share their culture as the main attraction. Indigenous tourism can therefore also include ecotourism, cultural tourism, community tourism and educational tourism.

#Food #Specialties #Customs #Traditions

Culinary journeys are the easiest way to immerse yourself in a local culture. Eating together connects people. Starting with visiting local markets, cooking with locals and eating together at a table. I am particularly interested in regional traditions and family-run businesses that have been involved in preserving and developing their culinary specialties for generations. These are all sources of stories that also tell of age-old customs or long-kept family secrets.

#Shoulder season #off-season

Off-season tourism is an opportunity for destinations to employ their seasonal workers all year round. Travelers take advantage of the often milder weather for active vacations and benefit from lower prices.

# Women Empowerment

On my travels, I often meet women with exciting CVs and unusual professions. I write about their creativity, their courage, their perseverance and their successes. With every well-written story about a woman, the internet becomes more feminine. This also applies to women of the past. Historiography is still male-dominated today. Women were systematically marginalized. The global writing project Women In Red (WiR) is working to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia and create more articles about notable women.

#Slow Travel #Longstay #Workation

Travel slowly and truly experience a destination in this way. Long stays or workations that combine travel and work are trends that show a shift towards more individual, meaningful and sustainable travel experiences.

#architecture #art #urban development

The large metropolitan areas have grown over centuries to become what today constitutes their unique character. It is history in built and lived form. We discover milestones in urban development and have exciting encounters between the historical and the avant-garde.

About me

Trained as an advertising manager / Studied business administration with stays abroad in Spain and Scotland / Communications work for international brands and music events in advertising and PR agencies / Owner of the delicatessen Peter sei selig – Genusspunkt Küche / Distance learning nutritional advice / Cooking workshops and cooking events entitled Kunst & Kochwerk in museums / Journalist

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