The focus of all reportage is on encounters and discoveries. Thorough research often leads to a second level of the story, providing historical, scientific, social or political insights. In our travel and food reportages, impressions and photos are created in the same place. Thus, the photos complement and support the text and carry it forward. Our reportages do not have to be combined with third-party stock photography. Good storytelling should not only inform, but also inspire.

Angela Berg

Angela Berg in der Küche von Michelin-Sternekoch Thomas Bühner / © Foto: Georg Berg

The nutritionist and expert on everything to do with cooking, nutrition or food science is passionate about the cuisines of the world

Georg Berg

Der Journalist und Fotograf Georg Berg am Vulkan Kelimutu, Indonesien / © Foto: Georg Berg

Georg Berg is a journalist and agency photographer for the international photo agency Alamy. For many years he was permanently employed by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR).

As travel journalists and content writers, we travel a lot. We find the story behind the story and tell of places that make sustainable experiences possible and of people who strive for a sustainable future for their region, their family or their profession. Our years of journalistic experience don’t come up short in this travel magazine. There is no room here for court reporting or favoritism. Everything has been experienced and photographed by us. We draw on our extensive portfolio. Research in Germany, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America and Australia form the basis for new texts.

Photos as a research feature

Authentic research results are more than 20,000 own, editorially labeled photos at the photo agency Alamy. They are thematically bundled in lightboxes on Tellerrand-Stories and can be accessed with one click. Rights of use can be purchased through the agency or directly from the photographer.

Editorial process

During proofreading, all facts of the German version are first checked according to the internal editorial four-eyes principle and the text is checked for comprehensibility. Then the foreign language version is translated with the help of DeepL and approved again by an editorial team member for each language before publication.

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