At the Hanna Koumi Restaurant and Boutique Hotel, guests appreciate the traditional food made from local products by chef and host Angeliki
/ © Photo: Georg Berg

Cyprus traditional cuisine

In the Maronite village of Kormakitis in Cyprus, the chef of a boutique hotel is attracting attention with consistently traditional cuisine

View of the coast from the Aphrodite Trail at Akamas. The Romans used the middle bay 2,000 years ago to ship wood / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hiking in Cyprus

Mountains and sea. The attraction lies in the combinability depending on interest. From the day tour with a lot of culture to trekking in the five-finger mountains

The Venetian Column in Atatürk Square. Erected in 1489 by the ruling Venetians. The Ottomans toppled the column and removed the Venetian St. Mark's lion that was on it. During the British colonial period, the column would be rebuilt and a bronze sphere added. In the background, the courthouse from the British colonial period / © Photo: Georg Berg

Nicosia. City with border experience

The circular city center of Nicosia has had a crack in it since 1964. The Green Line runs through the middle of the winding streets. Border crossings are possible

Courtyard Büyük Han, Great Inn, the largest caravanserai in Cyprus. Built by order of the first ruler of the Ottomans in Cyprus, Muzaffer Pasha, in 1572. In the courtyard there is a small mosque with a domed roof and a fountain for ablutions before prayer. The building is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Cyprus and is located in the northern Cypriot part of the divided city of Nicosia / © Photo: Georg Berg

Büyük Han Coffee Club

They drink coffee against the absurdity of their situation. They set gallows humor and tolerance against prejudice and propaganda and sometimes self-deprecatingly call themselves the traitors’ club

Halloumi is pan-fried with sunflower oil - it is quite stable in shape and can withstand quite a bit / © Photo: Georg Berg

Halloumi? Hellim? Grilled cheese from Cyprus

It is white, keeps its shape, squeaks against the teeth and is political. Real halloumi (Greek) or hellim (Turkish) comes from Cyprus and the Mediterranean island has been divided since 1974.

The freshly asphalted streets contrast with the dilapidated facades in Varosha, northern Cyprus / © Photo: Georg Berg

Varosha ghost town

The tourist stronghold on the Mediterranean has been a restricted military area since 1974 and the buildings have fallen into disrepair. A touching experience, because war is once again a reality in Europe

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