A traditional red telephone booth in a rural setting in the United Kingdom features a spider web above the receiver / © Photo: Georg Berg

Spiders on the phone

The older ones of us still remember the smell of the telephone booths. But nowhere do we mourn the cold smell of cigarettes or the jingling of coins.

The impressive entrance hall of Hotel Blow up 5050, Poznan. Poland. As a guest, you immediately want to follow the red carpet. It leads past contemporary art such as sculptures and photographs. The hotel guest is led directly to the equally gigantic hotel bar / © Photo: Georg Berg

Special hotels

Innovative hotel concepts: Restaging old stock with modernity and a dash of art: a look at Devonshire, Kassel, Luxembourg and Poznan.

Aerial view of Tresanton with the buildings built into the hillside and the new beach club under construction / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall

Designer Olga Polizzi creates a maritime domicile at Tresanton for relaxing days by the sea. The hotel’s cuisine is fresh, regional and unfussy

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