Eye contact in Sierra Leone / © Photo: Georg Berg

Trading on top

In Africa, there are hardly any business premises. Saleswomen present their products on their heads. Eye contact with the buyer takes place near the goods.

Wake me up when September ends (Banana Island, Sierra Leone) / © Photo: Georg Berg

Sleep day

June 21 is the beginning of summer and – almost sleepy – the day of sleep. Here are photos from Sierra Leone, where temperatures are always very summery.

In Sierra Leone herrschen Optimismus und Lebensfreude / © Foto: Georg Berg

Bilder-Vortrag Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone ist für uns ein unbekanntes Reiseland. Ein bildreicher und farbenfroher Reisebericht, der in Grevenbroich beginnt

Hands as stencils for white paint that has been sprayed on by mouth and Reckitt's Blue, a detergent additive made from ultramarine and baking soda that used to be added to laundry detergents in Australia / © Photo: Georg Berg

Indigenous People Day

There are about 5,000 different cultures that are threatened by the destruction of their habitat, climate change and the disregard for their rights

African women with trays and bowls on their heads / © Photo: Georg Berg

Vibrant markets in West Africa

Everything is worn on the head in Sierra Leone and sellers do not have to search long, because they make eye contact directly under the goods

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