HR Giger gravestone, 1940 to 2014 in the Gruyères cemetery. The black granite stone bears a motif from the series Biomechanoid, Biomechanical Matrix / © Photo: Georg Berg

HR Giger and the alien in the castle

HR Giger, the Swiss painter and surrealist, died 10 years ago on May 12, 2014 after falling down a flight of stairs. However, his dark nightmare worlds live on, both in films such as Alien, Dune and Poltergeist and in the HR Giger Museum, which he founded in Gruyères in 1998. A visit is a must for science fiction fans, but a test of courage for everyone else

Cuchaule, the queen of the Bénichon, is a brioche bread with saffron. It is served as the first course on the Kilbi menu together with Kilbi mustard / © Photo: Georg Berg

Bénichon, Kilbi? Definitely Fribourg!

The Kilbi is a festival celebrated in the canton of Fribourg and is one of Switzerland’s living traditions. The cuchaule, a brioche with saffron, is the queen of the festive menu

The old telephone booth in the Waldhaus is now a cell phone retreat for the benefit of all guests who want to use the lounges and many other places in the house to read, play, talk or think. Pleasant times when the telephone was located in its own booth and not in everyone's pocket / © Photo: Georg Berg

Phone booth for cell phone calls

Inspired by Nietzsche: Near St. Moritz, the Hotel Waldhaus offers an escape from modern chaos and the right amount of interaction and tranquillity. The Hotel Waldhaus, once a popular meeting place for famous personalities such as Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Theodor Adorno and Elke Heidenreich, has found an interesting solution. Instead of allowing guests to use their cell phones everywhere, the hotel’s old telephone booths have been converted into special places where cell phones can be used

In Cerentino, you can stay in the lavishly renovated historic patrician house Cà Vegia, with centuries-old original furniture but no electricity. The sink is located in front of the entrance door, Circolo della Rovana, Switzerland / © Photo: Georg Berg

Digital Detox in Ticino

In the village of Cerentino you can stay in the historic patrician house Cà Vegia, with copper boiler, soapstone stove and without electricity.

Zincarlin in a rock cellar. Production of the traditional Zincarlin cheese from the Muggio Valley in Ticino, Mendrisio. Three different ages of the Ticino cheese speciality are stored here. The cheese cylinders are washed almost every day with white wine / © Photo: Georg Berg

Culinary specialties in Ticino

In Ticino, Switzerland, there are culinary treasures to be discovered to this day. Behind them are mostly passionate people who preserve culinary traditions.

Unobstructed panoramic view from the bedroom. The furnishings could not be more practical / © Photo: Georg Berg

Glamping and Hide Aways

Travel greener and be close to nature? Instead of camping, there’s glamping, a night in the barrel or digital detox in a patrician house without electricity. Deceleration guaranteed.

Products of the Pasticceria Marnin in Locarno, Switzerland
/ © Photo: Georg Berg

Panettone in perfection

Panettone is the Christmas classic. The pastry is made perfect by sourdough, the best ingredients and time. A visit to the Pasticceria Marnin in Locarno, Ticino

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