In the jungle of Bougainville still lie the wreckage of the Mitsubishi G4M aircraft in which General Yamamoto Isoroto was shot down on April 18, 1942 / © Photo: Georg Berg

Airplane wreckage deep in the jungle

In the jungle of the Pacific island of Bougainville lies the wreckage of the plane of the Japanese General Yamamoto, who was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor

Children of Panasia Island love the rocks of a cave as a natural diving tower / © Photo: Georg Berg

Encounters in Papua New Guinea

The island nation of Papua New Guinea is considered the country with the greatest cultural diversity in the world. About Polynesian deep-sea sailors and traces of cannibalism

Hands as stencils for white paint that has been sprayed on by mouth and Reckitt's Blue, a detergent additive made from ultramarine and baking soda that used to be added to laundry detergents in Australia / © Photo: Georg Berg

Indigenous People Day

There are about 5,000 different cultures that are threatened by the destruction of their habitat, climate change and the disregard for their rights

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