Saffron harvest in Switzerland / © Photo: Georg Berg

Saffron, spice and remedy

Saffron gives an incomparable aroma. It would be too bad and too expensive to use saffron only as a coloring agent. About the cultivation in Valais and Morocco.

Georg brought the change purse back from his trip to the Orient. Just like the most precious spice in the world, saffron / © Photo: Georg Berg

Saffron: Here we are talking about gold

Saffron is one of the opulent riches of oriental cuisine. The spice is at the same time a natural medicine with a wide range of effects and was often weighed out with gold

Patio at Riad Arabesque in Fès, Morocco / © Photo: Georg Berg

Riad Arabesque – Oasis in Fés

There are two types of accommodation in Fez. As an atmospheric alternative to the big star hotels, the riads located in the old town are highly recommended.

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