Shrine on Lake Hanama in Japan / © Photo: Georg Berg

Moonlight Spearfishing in Japan

Spear fishing is one of the oldest fishing techniques. It is practiced in many countries around the world and is considered a very resource-conserving way of fishing

Nippondaira Hotel, Shizuoka, Japan with view of Mount Fuji / © Photo: Georg Berg

Nippondaira Hotel in Shizuoka

A hotel with a fantastic view of the shy beauty. The Japanese revere the volcano as a female Fuji, which is usually veiled behind clouds.

Green tea from Shizuoka / © Photo: Georg Berg

Green Tea as an Elixir of Life

The elixir of life for the Japanese grows in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is a potpourri of secondary plant substances that have a health-promoting effect

Tokyo skyline in the mirror of the Okura Hotel / © Photo: Georg Berg

The new Hotel Okura in Tokyo

The old Hotel Okura was a showcase of Japanese craftsmanship coupled with modern architecture. The new building made better use of the valuable air space

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