A construction site reveals: In Reykjavik, even the sidewalks have underfloor heating / © Photo: Georg Berg

Under Cover

Iceland has so much geothermal energy that even the sidewalks in the capital Reykjavik are heated geothermally. In winter, this saves having to stand on the sidewalks.

Each year, Lady Brewery collaborates with designers to create DesignMarch beer. You're holding the 2022 edition, ON A ROLL. Best before the end of time / © Photo: Georg Berg

Crazy Reykjavik

If you don’t get depressed in the Icelandic winter, you come up with the craziest ideas. So does the Lady Brewery with a useful slightly sticky label

Geldingadalir, der jüngste Vulkan Islands hat erst vor wenigen Monaten aufgehört zu spucken. Die Lava ist tiefschwarz aber immer noch spürt man die Hitze / © Foto: Georg Berg


Iceland’s youngest volcano stopped spewing only a few months ago. The lava is jet black and heat still rises from its fissures

Wasabi as far as the eye can see. Nordic Wasabi's state-of-the-art greenhouse is heated with geothermal energy. Irrigation and lighting are controlled fully automatically / © Photo: Georg Berg

Iceland, where Wasabi grows

Wasabi, one of the most demanding plants of all, grows in Iceland’s harsh climate? Daringly, two Icelandic engineers choose the capricious Japanese pungent to create Iceland’s first export vegetable.

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