Stele with coat of arms of Eisenhüttenstadt at the entrance to the town. Eisenhüttenstadt is one of the largest area monuments in Germany / © Photo: Georg Berg

Plea for Eisenhüttenstadt

The socialist model city was placed under monument protection 40 years after construction began and is the largest area monument in Germany

Back to the future: The tape recorder model Tesla in the Museum Utopia and Everyday Life for Everyday Culture of the GDR in Eisenhüttenstadt, Brandenburg / © Photo: Georg Berg

A Tesla is a Tesla. Who is Tesla?

Travel educates and museum visits broaden the horizon. Thank you Museum for Utopia and Everyday Life in Eisenhüttenstadt (former GDR) that I now think of so much more than the strange Mr. Musk when I hear the name Tesla!

Stefan Fritsche with freshly stirred beer powder. The product innovation from the Neuzelle monastery brewery rethinks the beer process and impresses with climate-friendly arguments during transport / © Photo: Georg Berg

Beer powder from Brandenburg

Beer powder without brewing process. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle rethinks beer and impresses with climate-friendly arguments in transport and packaging

Angel with beer crate in front of the Pope. A living statue strides through the Roman Gate in front of Cologne Cathedral with a beer crate, which it will use as a pedestal. In the background Pope Benedict VI waves in survival size from a poster / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cheating during Lent

Not angels, but monks once sent beer to the Pope in Rome. His blessing for a fasting beer was quickly granted, because it tasted so awful after the long journey that he found it worthy of a fasting drink and granted the monks 5 liters per day. Here now more cheating of the clergy against their own fasting laws.

We had to wait a long time for this photo. Because the lady on the park bench took forever to take a picture of herself on the pedestal via selfie stick / © Photo: Georg Berg

Everyone is a monument

In Kassel stands the ICH monument. The pedestal made of red sandstone, is an invitation to each and everyone to stand up for a selfie and feel unique.

Altenburg Castle with its prominent tower stands on a mountain cone on the edge of the Steigerwaldhöhe. The castle was the residence of the Bamberg prince bishops from 1305 to 1553 / © Photo: Georg Berg

Monument and city

Cities have a comparatively high density of monuments. If you wanted to understand all the monuments, you would never get anywhere in many cities.

Tangle of licorice roots. Above ground, the licorice is also a shaggy appearance. In the Middle Ages, licorice was very important for Bamberg and was even part of the town's coat of arms / © Photo: Georg Berg

Licorice and licorice

Every child knows licorice. Licorice, on the other hand, is as forgotten as the dial telephone. Once upon a time, licorice was the only natural sweetener in the kitchen besides honey.

War - always a theme at documenta. Seating modules in stain camouflage are assembled into a full-size tank twice a week in a performance / © Photo: Georg Berg

The tank Polemos

At documenta 2017, Andreas Angelidakis’ installation was a game. Tanks mutated into seating modules. The return to diplomacy is the greatest wish.

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