Stefan Fritsche with freshly stirred beer powder. The product innovation from the Neuzelle monastery brewery rethinks the beer process and impresses with climate-friendly arguments during transport / © Photo: Georg Berg

Beer powder from Brandenburg

Beer powder without brewing process. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle rethinks beer and impresses with climate-friendly arguments in transport and packaging

Iceland and the beer

Every year on March 1, Icelanders celebrate Bjórdagurinn. This day of beer commemorates the legalization of beer in 1989 after 75 years of prohibition.

Cheating during Lent

Not angels, but monks once sent beer to the Pope in Rome. His blessing for a fasting beer was quickly granted, because it tasted so awful after the long journey that he found it worthy of a fasting drink and granted the monks 5 liters per day. Here now more cheating of the clergy against their own fasting laws.

France and the desire for beer

The Auvergne – Rhône – Alpes region is home to a particularly large number of breweries. Why France is discovering a love of beer, tells a brewer from the Drôme Valley

Pfefferlechner craft brewery

South Tyrol is an ideal growth market for craft beer, because the Italians who like to try it are epicureans. Latest brewing creation is an alcohol-free beer

Zoigl Inn in the Upper Palatinate

The drinkable Zoigl beer is a bottom-fermented, unfiltered traditional beer from the northern Upper Palatinate. Windischeschenbach is considered the center of Zoigl.

Zoigl – Beer tradition in Germany

Reportage offer with many photos: Zoigl beer is traditionally brewed only in a few communities in the Upper Palatinate by private individuals, for their own consumption.

Bamberg and the beer

As early as 1489, the prince bishop of Bamberg specified the ingredients for beer, which were only laid down 27 years later in the Bavarian purity law

Art and luxury in Poland

The most extraordinary hotel in Poland “Blow Up Hall 5050” can be found in Poznan. It is an interactive work of art with a bar and an excellent restaurant

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