At the liquefied gas loading point in northern Australia, the deep-sea tankers can be filled directly / © Photo: Georg Berg

War and energy

Fossil fuels should not be promoted as sustainable and natural gas should not be obtained via pipelines. Independence from despots would be another goal.

Unobstructed panoramic view from the bedroom. The furnishings could not be more practical / © Photo: Georg Berg

Glamping and Hide Aways

Travel greener and be close to nature? Instead of camping, there’s glamping, a night in the barrel or digital detox in a patrician house without electricity. Deceleration guaranteed.

In the jungle of Bougainville still lie the wreckage of the Mitsubishi G4M aircraft in which General Yamamoto Isoroto was shot down on April 18, 1942 / © Photo: Georg Berg

Airplane wreckage deep in the jungle

In the jungle of the Pacific island of Bougainville lies the wreckage of the plane of the Japanese General Yamamoto, who was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor

Children of Panasia Island love the rocks of a cave as a natural diving tower / © Photo: Georg Berg

Encounters in Papua New Guinea

The island nation of Papua New Guinea is considered the country with the greatest cultural diversity in the world. About Polynesian deep-sea sailors and traces of cannibalism

Long Tom Dreaming - Guide Thommo (name changed) explains the 20,000-year-old Aboriginal art of his ancestors / © Photo: Georg Berg

Aboriginal history(s)

The Australian Aborigines’ concept of ownership is different from ours. They belong to the land and not vice versa. Their lives are shaped by it.

Komodo dragons determine their rank order in combat / © Photo: Georg Berg

Dragons, volcanoes and a wedding

On the Indonesian Sunda Islands we see Komodo dragons, fly over active volcanoes, but do not feel the tsunami that hits the neighboring island of Sulawesi

Australian morning sky
/ © Photo: Georg Berg

Outback Floatplane Adventures

In a seaplane we set off from Darwin for the ultimate trip into the outback. Helicopters, airboats and crocodiles await us on the Finniss River

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