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Isn't it our job as humans to collect great moments? / © Photo: Georg Berg

Isn't it our job as humans to collect great moments? / © Photo: Georg Berg

Shouldn’t all people always collect great moments?

Summer is damn short in Iceland, and the sun doesn’t always shine as hard as it does in this photo. It’s still buds, but soon the treetops will be covered in opaque foliage, obscuring the view of the façade.

Sun in Reykjavik / © Photo: Georg Berg

In a largely inanimate street scene, street art is a casual reminder to take each precious moment seriously.

Those who can read music may be accompanied by the chellist’s soundtrack for a while.

Created in 2016, the artwork was a collaboration with Herakut‘s Kronos Quartet. These are the two artists Hera and Akut, who merged their names and styles in 2004. Their common goal was and is to beautify the dark places of a city and – following a humanitarian approach – to create positive signs of life and thought. Hera, also known as Jasmin Siddiqui, who was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, takes on the part of graffiti artist, while Falk Lehmann, also known as Akut and founder of the legendary Ma’Claim Crew, who hails from Schmalkden, devotes himself to conception, drawings and text work.

Iceland Stories

On our trip through Iceland we experienced overwhelming nature, enjoyed the benefits of geothermal energy and tried many an outlandish dish typical of the country. In Iceland there are guide sheep, but under no circumstances ponies. Instead, the descendants of the Vikings today have heated sidewalks, still seething volcanoes and a lot of creativity, which in the long dark months is the best recipe against the onset of winter depression. Other Moment Mal episodes are about hairy beer bottles, petrified trolls and wishing stones. Fermented, cruelly stinking Greenland shark, rye bread buried in hot earth and the wonders of geothermal energy will follow soon.

Our mode of operation is characterized by self-experienced, well-researched text work and professional, vivid photography. For all stories, travel impressions and photos are created in the same place. Thus, the photos complement and support what is read and carry it further.

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