The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a country divided into two parts with a long history and rich culture

  • Cyprus traditional cuisine

    Cyprus traditional cuisine

    In the Maronite village of Kormakitis in Cyprus, the chef of a boutique hotel is attracting attention with consistently traditional cuisine

  • Hiking in Cyprus

    Hiking in Cyprus

    Mountains and sea. The attraction lies in the combinability depending on interest. From the day tour with a lot of culture to trekking in the five-finger mountains

  • Nicosia. City with border experience

    Nicosia. City with border experience

    The circular city center of Nicosia has had a crack in it since 1964. The Green Line runs through the middle of the winding streets. Border crossings are possible


The photos of Georg Berg from Cyprus can be licensed for all kinds of use at the international stock photo agency Alamy.

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