The range of topics covered by the articles from Switzerland extends from cultural and culinary backgrounds to practical travel tips

  • HR Giger and the alien in the castle

    HR Giger and the alien in the castle

    HR Giger, the Swiss painter and surrealist, died 10 years ago on May 12, 2014 after falling down a flight of stairs. However, his dark nightmare worlds live on, both in films such as Alien, Dune and Poltergeist and in the HR Giger Museum, which he founded in Gruyères in 1998. A visit is a…

  • Bénichon, Kilbi? Definitely Fribourg!

    Bénichon, Kilbi? Definitely Fribourg!

    The Kilbi is a festival celebrated in the canton of Fribourg and is one of Switzerland’s living traditions. The cuchaule, a brioche with saffron, is the queen of the festive menu

  • From the alpine pasture to the sheep retreat

    From the alpine pasture to the sheep retreat

    It’s a tradition for the bucket list: summer grazing dates back to the Middle Ages and has UNESCO status. In Switzerland, it is actively practiced and yet under threat

  • Phone booth for cell phone calls

    Phone booth for cell phone calls

    Inspired by Nietzsche: Near St. Moritz, the Hotel Waldhaus offers an escape from modern chaos and the right amount of interaction and tranquillity. The Hotel Waldhaus, once a popular meeting place for famous personalities such as Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Theodor Adorno and Elke Heidenreich, has found an interesting solution. Instead of allowing guests to…

  • Digital Detox in Ticino

    Digital Detox in Ticino

    In the village of Cerentino you can stay in the historic patrician house Cà Vegia, with copper boiler, soapstone stove and without electricity.

  • Absinthe, legendary cult drink

    Absinthe, legendary cult drink

    Absinthe, this name carries the taste of the forbidden. A journey along the route of absinthe in France and Switzerland.

  • Culinary specialties in Ticino

    Culinary specialties in Ticino

    In Ticino, Switzerland, there are culinary treasures to be discovered to this day. Behind them are mostly passionate people who preserve culinary traditions.

  • Glamping and Hide Aways

    Glamping and Hide Aways

    Travel greener and be close to nature? Instead of camping, there’s glamping, a night in the barrel or digital detox in a patrician house without electricity. Deceleration guaranteed.

  • Raclette – the original from the Valais

    Raclette – the original from the Valais

    In Valais, the raclette cheese is spread with potato and cucumber. Raclette etiquette is not to wait in any case, so that everyone eats at the same time.

  • Farina Bona, a Ticino specialty

    Farina Bona, a Ticino specialty

    Ilario Galbani has passionately continued the story of Farina Bona, the roasted corn flour he produces in Vergeletto, Ticino.

  • Panettone in perfection

    Panettone in perfection

    Panettone is the Christmas classic. The pastry is made perfect by sourdough, the best ingredients and time. A visit to the Pasticceria Marnin in Locarno, Ticino

  • On the road by bike in Veloland

    On the road by bike in Veloland

    By bike, the Swiss means the road bike. Asphalt roads here go up to 2,600 meters. In addition, Swiss drivers have a reputation for being polite

  • Absinthe – forbidden and rediscovered

    Absinthe – forbidden and rediscovered

    A rewarding look at the turbulent history of this drink, which translated into German simply means wormwood. Absinthe is the taste of the forbidden

  • Heath village Visperterminen

    Heath village Visperterminen

    In the Upper Valais at an altitude of 1,150 meters and framed by the highest Swiss mountains grows the Heida wine This grape variety gives the place its nickname

  • Tenuta San Giorgio on Lake Lugano

    Tenuta San Giorgio on Lake Lugano

    The most modern knowledge from the world of vinology is adapted to the peculiarities of each site in this winery overlooking the bay of Agno.

  • Food tour through Zurich

    Food tour through Zurich

    Swiss Classics is a three-hour entertaining culinary tour of traditional stores and innovative start-ups through Zurich’s old town

  • The green Muggio Valley in Ticino

    The green Muggio Valley in Ticino

    The sparsely populated Valle di Muggio above Lake Lugano is the southernmost valley in Ticino. Chestnut forest alternates with dry meadows and orchards

  • Ticino cuisine on Lake Lugano

    Ticino cuisine on Lake Lugano

    Many fish swim in Lake Lugano: trout, pike, tench, chub. Gabriella Monfredini serves them as host of Swiss Tavolata in her cantine.

  • Zincarlin – Speciality from Ticino

    Zincarlin – Speciality from Ticino

    Zincarlin, a cone-shaped raw milk cheese, is a culinary specialty found only in the Valle di Muggio. It matures in cool cantinas (rock cellars)

  • Sion: city – country – wine

    Sion: city – country – wine

    Valais is the largest wine-growing region in Switzerland. Whether on a city tour, an e-bike tour or hiking tours, Valais wine is always a big topic

  • Rye bread baking experience

    Rye bread baking experience

    In Erschmatt, rye bread has been baked for centuries as a community event. Once a year, in December, they heat up the old oven in the community center

  • Food tour in Basel

    Food tour in Basel

    Basel offers a self-guided food tour. Under your own direction, you can reach restaurants with special concepts and get a lot for 29 Swiss francs.

  • Culinary rarity – Saffron from Switzerland

    Culinary rarity – Saffron from Switzerland

    The most expensive spice in the world does not only grow in the Orient. The southern slopes below the small village of Mund are considered the best growing area for the rare plants

  • Oskar Reinhart Collection in Winterthur

    Oskar Reinhart Collection in Winterthur

    Picnic with Picasso – How a small museum in Switzerland charmingly encourages its visitors to linger with a creative and Corona-worthy idea

  • Saffron, spice and remedy

    Saffron, spice and remedy

    Saffron gives an incomparable aroma. It would be too bad and too expensive to use saffron only as a coloring agent. About the cultivation in Valais and Morocco.

  • Basel on the Rhine

    Basel on the Rhine

    The Swiss border and trading city of Basel is home to Switzerland’s oldest university, 46 museums and has served as a refuge for many a maverick thinker

  • Waldhaus Sils in the Engadine

    Waldhaus Sils in the Engadine

    The Waldhaus Sils is a nostalgic place full of stories about its illustrious guests. The grand hotel in the Upper Engadine has been writing hotel history since 1908.

  • Hotel Krone in Weil am Rhein

    Hotel Krone in Weil am Rhein

    A harmonious triad of culture, design and wine in the boutique hotel between Vitra Campus and Fondation Beyeler. Star architects and designers meet here

  • Cresta Palace Hotel in Celerina

    Cresta Palace Hotel in Celerina

    Celerina, the place where the Cresta Palace Hotel is located, is not far from Sankt Moritz, but is known as an independent place only in Switzerland

  • Healing luxury hotel Lenkerhof

    Healing luxury hotel Lenkerhof

    Lenk is an insider tip because the place is remote and almost only known in Switzerland. When the road ends you reach the village and the hiking paradise Lenk



Die in der Schweiz entstandenen Fotos von Georg Berg können für alle Nutzungsarten bei der internationalen Bildagentur Alamy lizensiert werden.


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Roggenbrot aus dem Wallis

Das Dorf Erschmatt im Kanton Wallis steht ganz im Zeichen des Roggens. Fotos aus dem Stadel und dem historischen Backhaus zeigen, wie man sich früher gemeinschaftlich mit eigenem Roggenbrot versorgt hat. Als geschützte Ursprungsbezeichnung (GUP) oder appellation d’origine protégée (AOP) ist das Walliserbrot eine Schweizer Brotspezialität. Den Kalender gibt es in verschiedenen Größen. Er ist das perfekte Geschenk für Liebhaber des ursprünglichen Lebens.

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