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  • Stalactite cave on the island of Gozo

    Stalactite cave on the island of Gozo

    In 1888, Guzepp Rapa came across a stalactite cave while trying to dig a well behind his house. The cave was named Ninu’s Cave after the owner of the property at the time, Ninu Carmel. Today, Guzepp Rapa’s daughter and grandson give visitors access to this geological sensation beneath their home

  • Malta’s ancient megalithic temples

    Malta’s ancient megalithic temples

    Malta is home to the oldest free-standing buildings. An opportunity to reflect on the origins of human coexistence in the Stone Age

  • Sea salt from Gozo and Malta

    Sea salt from Gozo and Malta

    Romans and knights carved basins into the soft stone on the flat limestone coast. Today, it is families who keep the tradition of salt harvesting alive

  • Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem on Gozo

    Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem on Gozo

    In Għajnsielem, the whole village is on its feet from mid-December to bring the biblical Bethlehem to life. The live nativity scene on Malta’s sister island of Gozo is a popular Christmas destination

  • Lametta in Valletta

    Lametta in Valletta

    In Malta and Gozo, almost every street and square glitters in the run-up to Christmas. Angels, stars and often the three holy kings are brought into position in every village. Magnificent fairy lights are strung across the streets and fountains and squares are decorated with figures

  • The small islands of Malta and Gozo

    The small islands of Malta and Gozo

    Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo offer a lot in a small area. Greeks called Malta the navel of the sea. Knights of St. John built it into a strong fortress


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