From the Southeast African country, we also convey cultural backgrounds and practical travel tips in lively reports.

  • Tea cultivation in Malawi

    Tea cultivation in Malawi

    Satemwa Estate is the last family-run tea farm in Malawi. A place for top teas, sustainability principles and Equal Payment

  • 20 years of African Parks in Malawi

    20 years of African Parks in Malawi

    In the Majete Wildlife Reserve, it stands like a memorial, the collage of countless rifles and guns that rangers have confiscated from poachers over the years. On August 29, 2023, the NGO African Parks celebrates the 20th anniversary of its commitment to conservation and biodiversity in Malawi.

  • Safari Liwonde National Park

    Safari Liwonde National Park

    Liwonde Park is a Malawian success story and today the park with the most predator sightings in Malawi

  • Thawale Lodge in Majete

    Thawale Lodge in Majete

    The lodge is located in the middle of the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Starting point for game drives, bird watching and Cheetah tracking

  • Nature conservation as a model for success

    Nature conservation as a model for success

    In August 2023, African Parks celebrates 20 years of conservation in Malawi. On the road with a monitoring team in Majete Park

  • Bush Experience Kutchire Lodge

    Bush Experience Kutchire Lodge

    Eco-lodge perfectly located in Liwonde National Park and on the Shire River, offers game drives, boat safaris and village walks

  • Special hotels in Lilongwe

    Special hotels in Lilongwe

    Malawi in Southeast Africa is still considered an insider tip for Africa travelers. Already in the capital Lilongwe there are special accommodations

  • Bananas from Malawi

    Bananas from Malawi

    Malawi wants to become banana self-sufficient again. This is to be done sustainably. A visit to Nature’s Gift Farm near Lilongwe

  • Sparkling Lake Malawi

    Sparkling Lake Malawi

    It is a lake of superlatives. It is one of the largest, most diverse and most beautiful bodies of water on earth. But Lake Malawi is also threatened

  • Vacation at Lake Malawi

    Vacation at Lake Malawi

    The lake is as big as an ocean. On its shores there are beautiful accommodations embedded in nature. Two examples from the Lake of Stars

  • Malawi’s main dish: Nsima

    Malawi’s main dish: Nsima

    Nsima is prepared from maize flour in Malawi. This national dish is a staple food and an emotional link within the family.

  • Baobab – Tree of Life

    Baobab – Tree of Life

    It stands out, its trunk is mighty and unusually wide, like a single giant elephant leg. We see the baobab tree again and again on our journey through Malawi. It is a gathering place in villages, standing on the bluffs of Lake Malawi, the floodplains of the Shire River, or along dusty roads. Its trunk…


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