On a trip to Tokyo and the nearby Shizuoka Prefecture, we got to know not only cuisine and culture, nature and mega-city, but also many oddities. In addition, looking back, we can say that Japan is a dream destination for travelers in terms of hygiene and distance rules. Nowhere in the world have we encountered cleaner toilets, trains, subways, inns or kitchens. Even before the pandemic, people in Japan liked to wear masks and shake hands only for the sake of guests from the West. A friendly bow coupled with a nice smile is the Nippon style.

Culinary discoveries in Japan

Enigmatic and inaccessible are two attributes with which the Land of the Rising Sun is often described. It was only a good 150 years ago that Japan opened up to the rest of the world. With the 15th Shogun, a long period of total isolation ended. At first, many Japanese products came to us. Conversely, tourists from all over the world now want to get to know the country and its polite inhabitants.

  • “Ramen” conditions – Tokyo’s trendy noodle soup
  • Driving in Japan – we show what to watch out for
  • Visiting Mr Slow Food Mt Fuji – the archaic process of making katsuobushi – bonito flakes that add depth of flavor to Japanese food.
  • How to recognize a restaurant
  • The rise of the house slipper
  • Wasabi on shark skin
  • Replica Food – Ultimate help with food selection.
  • The hot chair – from high-tech toilets with the shame button
  • The first and the last shogun – a visit to Shizuoka
  • The most beautiful scarecrow in the world – a rice field at Mount Fuji
  • Shabu-Shabu – The Japanese way of Fondue
  • The handle of the emperor
  • Crackle, rustle, smack – Picnic in the famous Kabuki Theater
  • Soba Noodles – Cooking with Sumiko Sano: she is already 85, small and crooked, but foodies from all over the world make a pilgrimage to her.
  • Spearfishing at night on Lake Hamana
  • Soya sauce – the spice of the Japanese
  • A sleepless night in the tea field – Green Sencha from Shizuoka

Reports from Japan

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Japan National Tourism Organization: Spearfishing by moonlight in Shizuoka

Japan NationalTourism Organization: Japanese soy sauce – Visit to the shoyu master in Hamamatsu

Japan NationalTourism Organization: Laugh in Translation – Japan away from the metropolises

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