Impressions from Georgia span the current situation, which is under the impression of political tensions and the joy of life of the people as well as culinary specialties, rich culture and impressive nature.

  • Architectural highlight in Tbilisi

    Architectural highlight in Tbilisi

    The skybridge in the capital of Georgia is known worldwide for its connecting bridges at dizzying heights, but locals love it for something else

  • Georgia’s turbulent history

    Georgia’s turbulent history

    Persians, Mongols, Turks and Russians wanted to rule over Georgia, whose capital Tbilisi was completely destroyed 26 times. A visit to a self-confident country

  • Political Street Art in Georgia

    Political Street Art in Georgia

    Walking through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 2023, one is struck by the many European, Ukrainian and Georgian flags, all conveying a clear message. The war in Ukraine is condemned as terrorism, for which Putin is responsible. The desire for Georgia to join the EU is also expressed. The political statements on the house…

  • Through the Caucasus with pack horses

    Through the Caucasus with pack horses

    Georgia has a lot of untouched nature and traces of its exciting history. Hiking through Tusheti and Khevsuretia

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