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Bei gutem Wetter findet im Garten der Hollerhöfe ein Bier-Seminar statt, begleitet von einem Vier-Gang Menü / © Foto: Georg Berg

Bei gutem Wetter findet im Garten der Hollerhöfe ein Bier-Seminar statt, begleitet von einem Vier-Gang Menü / © Foto: Georg Berg

Von kulturellen und kulinarischen Hintergründen bis zu praktischen Reisetipps erstreckt sich das Themenspektrum der Beiträge aus Deutschland

  • Plea for Eisenhüttenstadt

    The socialist model city was placed under monument protection 40 years after construction began and is the largest area monument in Germany

  • Neuzelle Monastery. The baroque miracle

    Neuzelle Monastery survived raids, fires and entire system changes. The name seems to be the program. An astonishing amount of new things are still being created

  • A Tesla is a Tesla. Who is Tesla?

    Travel educates and museum visits broaden the horizon. Thank you Museum for Utopia and Everyday Life in Eisenhüttenstadt (former GDR) that I now think of so much more than the strange Mr. Musk when I hear the name Tesla!

  • Beer powder from Brandenburg

    Beer powder without brewing process. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle rethinks beer and impresses with climate-friendly arguments in transport and packaging

  • Cheating during Lent

    Not angels, but monks once sent beer to the Pope in Rome. His blessing for a fasting beer was quickly granted, because it tasted so awful after the long journey that he found it worthy of a fasting drink and granted the monks 5 liters per day. Here now more cheating of the clergy against their own fasting laws.

  • Soccer idols on murals

    If you love soccer but not the World Cup in Qatar, you might get a lot of enjoyment out of a book by Andy Brassell during your downtime: Football Murals

  • Dead Zone at Charcoal Fire

    The campfire has a magical attraction. It is the place where stories are told and experiences are passed on from generation to generation.

  • Everyone is a monument

    In Kassel stands the ICH monument. The pedestal made of red sandstone, is an invitation to each and everyone to stand up for a selfie and feel unique.

  • Monument and city

    Cities have a comparatively high density of monuments. If you wanted to understand all the monuments, you would never get anywhere in many cities.

  • Licorice and licorice

    Every child knows licorice. Licorice, on the other hand, is as forgotten as the dial telephone. Once upon a time, licorice was the only natural sweetener in the kitchen besides honey.

  • Lumbung leitmotif of documenta fifteen

    documenta 2022 is based on the values of Indonesian village communities. Photo gallery: What does a Lumbung look like? What shapes life in the island nation?

  • The tank Polemos

    At documenta 2017, Andreas Angelidakis’ installation was a game. Tanks mutated into seating modules. The return to diplomacy is the greatest wish.

  • The documenta in Kassel

    In 2022, the 15th documenta will take place in Kassel. The art exhibition has become a place for debates on contemporary art and current sociopolitical contexts.

  • Specialty smoked beer

    Beer used to have a strong smoky aroma without exception, and not only in Bamberg. Only industrial malt drying banished the smoke from the beer.

  • Top chefs and their white brigade

    Gourmet cuisine, that much is certain, is highly complex and behind it lies an extremely professional coordination of the white brigade. A real team effort.

  • Zoigl Inn in the Upper Palatinate

    The drinkable Zoigl beer is a bottom-fermented, unfiltered traditional beer from the northern Upper Palatinate. Windischeschenbach is considered the center of Zoigl.

  • Zoigl – Beer tradition in Germany

    Reportage offer with many photos: Zoigl beer is traditionally brewed only in a few communities in the Upper Palatinate by private individuals, for their own consumption.

  • Food from the Middle Ages

    Not sinister at all – the dishes of the privileged classes in the Middle Ages were tasty and often brimming with valuable ingredients such as saffron or pepper

  • Bad Kissingen is a Unesco World Heritage Site

    The great spas of Europe flourished in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Bad Kissingen became famous for its healing waters, drinking cures and bathhouses

  • Otto von Bismarck in Bad Kissingen

    Prince Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of the German Empire from 1871 to 1890, held office in the spa town for a total of 66 weeks.

  • Culinary Bad Kissingen

    Gastronom und Genussmensch Hermann Laudensack führt durch das kulinarischen Bad Kissingen. Typische Restaurants und ein Fleisch-Sommelier werden besucht

  • Bamberg, where the Gardener became a World Heritage Site

    Deeply rooted: Bamberg families have been cultivating farmland in the middle of the city for centuries. Every Bamberg gardener has his own specialties

  • Waldeck in the Upper Palatinate

    Once Waldeck was situated between Franconia and Bohemia on a trade route, which today is a hiking and biking route. A vacation resort with nature experiences for city dwellers

  • Bamberg and the beer

    As early as 1489, the prince bishop of Bamberg specified the ingredients for beer, which were only laid down 27 years later in the Bavarian purity law

  • Northernmost olive Grove in Europe

    Olive harvest in Pulheim near Cologne. Among the harvesters, all friends from the neighborhood, is olive oil expert Carmen Sanchez-Garcia

  • Zoigl beer from the Kommun-Brauhaus Falkenberg

    Zoigl from the Upper Palatinate is a beer and is part of Bavaria’s intangible cultural heritage. Report on the brewing process and fermentation in cool rock cellars.

  • Markgräfler Küche im Hotel Krone

    Walk through some diets. Chef Peter Prüfer of the Hotel Krone restaurant in Weil offers vegan cuisine and puts a new spin on the traditional

  • Hotel Mühle brings Apulian cuisine to Binzen

    In Binzen in the Markgräflerland region, a traditional house is currently reinventing itself. Host Fabio Elia brings his grandmother’s Apulian cuisine to the table

  • Caspar Plautz at the Viktualienmarkt

    The hippest potato snack in Munich can be found at the Viktualienmarkt. Various potato dishes come to the bar table on a tin plate

  • Potato – World food star

    Potato scene at a farmer in Upper Bavaria, at the big potato party and at the trendsetters of Caspar Plautz at the Munich Viktualienmarkt.

  • Hotel Krone in Weil am Rhein

    A harmonious triad of culture, design and wine in the boutique hotel between Vitra Campus and Fondation Beyeler. Star architects and designers meet here

  • Luxury and tranquility in the Cavalier House

    Neither car noise nor light pollution, at most the chirping of birds in the morning. In the Kavaliershaus, silence and supposed solitude become a luxury good

  • Su Vössing – Creation of a cookbook

    The production has surprised us to some extent. The dishes come unadulterated from the kitchen of the star chef and are served still warm in the photo studio

  • Miso from the Black Forest

    As a spice paste, miso is the energy drink of the Japanese and the source of flavor. Peter Koch produces for German consumers what he learned in Japan

  • Winery Hans Wirsching in Franconia

    The Hans Wirsching winery is one of the best-known private wineries in Franconia. The most important vines in Iphofen are Silvaner, Trollinger and Scheurebe

  • Star chef Marco Müller in St. Peter-Ording

    After much fresh North Sea air at the beach the menu, which prepared the citizens of Berlin 3-star cook Marco Mueller in the Ambassador hotel, promises highest benefit

  • Jörg Geiger and the revolution in the champagne glass

    There is a need for non-alcoholic alternatives to wine and sparkling wine. There is no sensible reason for offering guests only an apple spritzer

  • The Upper Palatinate and its Zoigl culture

    Well, curiosity, the Zoigl calendar and chance lead us to the old vicarage in Altenstadt an der Waldnaab to Anni and Rudi Loistl. There we learn a lot about the more than 600-year-old brewing tradition from the guests and the innkeepers, and in no time at all Zoigl passes our lips as a matter of course. A star as a beer indicator When it is the turn of the private … [mehr]

  • View to Kassel for documenta14

    Every five years, Kassel is dedicated to contemporary art. Installations, performances and lectures take place at a wide variety of venues

  • Renthof in Kassel – history and zeitgeist

    In June 2017, the Renthof Kassel opens as a hotel, restaurant and event location. Throughout the house there are finds that have appeared during renovation

  • The village trutz

    On February 27, 2016, the former villagers of Borschemich gathered to cut down the old village linden tree. The last landmark of the village, whose inhabitants had to make way for opencast lignite mining against their will, thus disappears



Die in Deutschland entstandenen Fotos von Georg Berg können für alle Nutzungsarten bei der internationalen Bildagentur Alamy lizensiert werden.



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