From cultural, historical and culinary backgrounds to practical travel tips, the topics deal with authentic material from Australia.

  • War and energy

    War and energy

    Fossil fuels should not be promoted as sustainable and natural gas should not be obtained via pipelines. Independence from despots would be another goal.

  • Glamping and Hide Aways

    Glamping and Hide Aways

    Travel greener and be close to nature? Instead of camping, there’s glamping, a night in the barrel or digital detox in a patrician house without electricity. Deceleration guaranteed.

  • Beer with best after date

    Beer with best after date

    Beer for the patient. The Australian Coopers brewery warns connoisseurs of Sparkling Ales against consuming beer too hastily. One should first wait for the bottle fermentation.

  • Aboriginal history(s)

    Aboriginal history(s)

    The Australian Aborigines’ concept of ownership is different from ours. They belong to the land and not vice versa. Their lives are shaped by it.

  • Jimmy Shu, the best chef in North Australia

    Jimmy Shu, the best chef in North Australia

    Chef Jimmy Shu has had a remarkable culinary career in Australia. Award-winning restaurants and his own television series are testimony to this.

  • Australia for European tourists

    Australia for European tourists

    Tips to make traveling Down Under a straightforward experience. However, European travelers should be prepared for a few unusual things

  • Indonesia with mega yacht True North

    Indonesia with mega yacht True North

    The Australian luxury yacht anchors in picturesque bays and offers exciting shore excursions and dives in the most biodiverse waters on earth

  • Outback Floatplane Adventures

    Outback Floatplane Adventures

    In a seaplane we set off from Darwin for the ultimate trip into the outback. Helicopters, airboats and crocodiles await us on the Finniss River

  • Bamurru Plains Lodge

    Bamurru Plains Lodge

    On the former Buffalo Ranch, even the most prominent guests quickly perceive themselves as part of the environment; on foot, on the quad or the propeller boat

  • Sab Lord, the Australian outback legend

    Sab Lord, the Australian outback legend

    Sab Lord grew up in the far north of Australia in close contact with Aborigines. Today he shows small tour groups the remote places of worship

  • The North of Australia

    The North of Australia

    The Northern Territory is almost four times the size of Germany, but has only 250,000 inhabitants. In the tropical climate there is only rainy season and dry season here



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