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Seljavellir Geothermal Pool / © Foto: Georg Berg

Seljavellir Geothermal Pool / © Foto: Georg Berg

No trip without going out of the door. All the hikes, bike tours, sailing trips, and even marathons described here were done by us. Movement-intensive experiences are enriched by conversations and interviews with guides, hiking guides or locals.

Hikes and excursion tips

  • Plea for Eisenhüttenstadt

    The socialist model city was placed under monument protection 40 years after construction began and is the largest area monument in Germany

  • Avignon – all just a facade

    If you walk attentively through the streets of Avignon, you will discover street art from different eras. From MifaMosa to the house Madonna

  • Hiking around Twickel Castle

    In Twente, a visit to a park in English landscape style and walking through cultural landscape can be condensed into a perfect day trip.

  • Yayoi Kusama. Art by the sea

    Yayoi Kusama is the most famous artist in Japan. In the Setouchi region on the island of Naoshima are her famous pumpkins with polka dots.

  • A marathon for connoisseurs

    The run through the vineyards of the Médoc is called the longest marathon in the world. Georg Berg took part and is thrilled by the atmosphere

  • Day of the seafarer

    On Sailor’s Day, we remember that the art of navigation originated in Polynesia. These boats would have won any regatta not long ago.

  • Tree day

    Me, my Tree and I. Why the magnolia is my favorite tree. Encounters with forest dwellers, imposing solitaires and avenue beauties for Arbor Day.

  • Hiking in the Vosges

    The Vosges are a varied low mountain range. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without good wine, hearty cuisine and picturesque towns.

  • Achterhoek and Veluwe in Holland

    The other Holland with the regions Veluwe and Achterhoek offers old Hanseatic cities, unusual museums, very good restaurants and hotels and lots of cycling fun!

  • People’s Run Hash House Harriers

    Hash runs of the Hash House Harriers originated in the British colonies, where its members wanted to neutralize binge drinking through exercise since 1938.

  • Hiking in Luxembourg – Tips

    Luxembourg has 3,500 km of hiking trails and 600 km of bike paths. The luggage service Move – We Carry makes traveling through Luxembourg uncomplicated.

  • On the road by bike in Veloland

    By bike, the Swiss means the road bike. Asphalt roads here go up to 2,600 meters. In addition, Swiss drivers have a reputation for being polite

  • Rocks and gorges in the Mullerthal

    The Mullerthal with the spectacular Wolf Gorge is the most famous hiking region in Luxembourg. The trail is 112 km long and consists of three loops.

  • Luxembourg Ardennes – Lee Trail

    Hike with views of medieval castles and idyllic villages in the Éislek region on the Leading Quality Trail from Bourscheid-Moulin to Hoscheid

  • Interrail with bike – does it work?

    The dream of low-emission travel, where spoke and rail combine seamlessly into a relaxed flow of riding and being ridden, is still far off

  • Aboriginal history(s)

    The Australian Aborigines’ concept of ownership is different from ours. They belong to the land and not vice versa. Their lives are shaped by it.

  • Indonesia with mega yacht True North

    The Australian luxury yacht anchors in picturesque bays and offers exciting shore excursions and dives in the most biodiverse waters on earth

  • Dragons, volcanoes and a wedding

    On the Indonesian Sunda Islands we see Komodo dragons, fly over active volcanoes, but do not feel the tsunami that hits the neighboring island of Sulawesi

  • Outback Floatplane Adventures

    In a seaplane we set off from Darwin for the ultimate trip into the outback. Helicopters, airboats and crocodiles await us on the Finniss River

  • Bamurru Plains Lodge

    On the former Buffalo Ranch, even the most prominent guests quickly perceive themselves as part of the environment; on foot, on the quad or the propeller boat

  • Sab Lord, the Australian outback legend

    Sab Lord grew up in the far north of Australia in close contact with Aborigines. Today he shows small tour groups the remote places of worship

  • Art experience at the bus stop

    Seven architectural firms have designed bus stop shelters in cosmopolitan designs for Krumbach in the Bregenz Forest, thus enhancing the experience of waiting

  • Culture of the Mende in Sierra Leone

    The Mende people live deep in the jungle. I have seen the ritual dance of the forest devils. But the knowledge of their secret societies remained hidden from me

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