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This section covers a diverse range of topics from travel, culture, art and media and encourages readers to think outside the box. Reflections on cheating during Lent, Icelandic guide sheep or a prison with the best view are typical examples of topics that broaden the horizon.

  • Stalactite cave on the island of Gozo

    Stalactite cave on the island of Gozo

    In 1888, Guzepp Rapa came across a stalactite cave while trying to dig a well behind his house. The cave was named Ninu’s Cave after the owner of the property at the time, Ninu Carmel. Today, Guzepp Rapa’s daughter and grandson give visitors access to this geological sensation beneath their home

  • Papua New Guinea: Biden’s controversial cannibal anecdote

    Papua New Guinea: Biden’s controversial cannibal anecdote

    Photo report reveals the spark of truth behind Joe Biden’s hint about his uncle’s whereabouts

  • Architectural highlight in Tbilisi

    Architectural highlight in Tbilisi

    The skybridge in the capital of Georgia is known worldwide for its connecting bridges at dizzying heights, but locals love it for something else

  • HR Giger and the alien in the castle

    HR Giger and the alien in the castle

    HR Giger, the Swiss painter and surrealist, died 10 years ago on May 12, 2014 after falling down a flight of stairs. However, his dark nightmare worlds live on, both in films such as Alien, Dune and Poltergeist and in the HR Giger Museum, which he founded in Gruyères in 1998. A visit is a…

  • And the winner is: Detroit Institute of Arts!

    And the winner is: Detroit Institute of Arts!

    Forget New York, New Orleans or Chicago! Detroit in Michigan has the best art museum in the USA. The Detroit Institute of Arts, or DIA for short, was voted the best art museum of the year by the readers of USA Today. The DIA has a collection of around 65,000 works, making it one of…

  • Strong women. A gallery for International Women’s Day

    Strong women. A gallery for International Women’s Day

    On my travels, I often meet women with exciting CVs and extraordinary careers. I write about their creativity, their courage, their perseverance and their successes. With every well-written story about a woman, the internet becomes more feminine. Women often receive support and encouragement from women. This also applies to the women I present in my…

  • The grim secret of the Tellerrand stories

    The grim secret of the Tellerrand stories

    I woke up from a terrible nightmare. In it, the authentic Tellerrand stories were just hallucinations of an artificial intelligence, and I was the celebrated sorcerer’s apprentice who is even proud of it [Watch the AI-generated video]

  • Phone booth for cell phone calls

    Phone booth for cell phone calls

    Inspired by Nietzsche: Near St. Moritz, the Hotel Waldhaus offers an escape from modern chaos and the right amount of interaction and tranquillity. The Hotel Waldhaus, once a popular meeting place for famous personalities such as Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Theodor Adorno and Elke Heidenreich, has found an interesting solution. Instead of allowing guests to…

  • Enlightenment on a greenfield site

    Enlightenment on a greenfield site

    Michigan Central Station shines in its former glory at the end of 2023. While elsewhere in the world main stations were built in the heart of a city, in Detroit a monumental building was erected on a greenfield site in 1910. The aim was to revitalize the still tranquil Corktown district. That went badly wrong.…

  • Lametta in Valletta

    Lametta in Valletta

    In Malta and Gozo, almost every street and square glitters in the run-up to Christmas. Angels, stars and often the three holy kings are brought into position in every village. Magnificent fairy lights are strung across the streets and fountains and squares are decorated with figures

  • Frequent flyer with a message

    Frequent flyer with a message

    People Need Love is the first single by the pop band Abba in 1972. It is a simple song with a simple wish for peace and harmony, which unfortunately never became a catchy tune

  • Political Street Art in Georgia

    Political Street Art in Georgia

    Walking through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 2023, one is struck by the many European, Ukrainian and Georgian flags, all conveying a clear message. The war in Ukraine is condemned as terrorism, for which Putin is responsible. The desire for Georgia to join the EU is also expressed. The political statements on the house…

  • Everyone wants stollen!

    Everyone wants stollen!

    For the winter issue of a gourmet magazine, we went to a Dresden stollen bakery in June. The original Dresden Christstollen has an eventful history and is today Saxony’s best-known ambassador of enjoyment. The fact that Dresden Christstollen is so popular also has to do with Augustus the Strong, who, just like us, did not…

  • 20 years of African Parks in Malawi

    20 years of African Parks in Malawi

    In the Majete Wildlife Reserve, it stands like a memorial, the collage of countless rifles and guns that rangers have confiscated from poachers over the years. On August 29, 2023, the NGO African Parks celebrates the 20th anniversary of its commitment to conservation and biodiversity in Malawi.

  • Baobab – Tree of Life

    Baobab – Tree of Life

    It stands out, its trunk is mighty and unusually wide, like a single giant elephant leg. We see the baobab tree again and again on our journey through Malawi. It is a gathering place in villages, standing on the bluffs of Lake Malawi, the floodplains of the Shire River, or along dusty roads. Its trunk…

  • For a coffee in the caravanserai

    For a coffee in the caravanserai

    For 20 years now, they have been drinking coffee against the absurdity of their situation. They put gallows humor and tolerance against prejudice and propaganda. They sometimes self-deprecatingly call themselves the Traitors Club because they are friends and strive for reunification, which displeases many of their compatriots. On a Saturday in April 2023, we are…

  • Rare tulips in Cyprus

    Rare tulips in Cyprus

    Only in a few places in Cyprus the endemic Cypriot tulip grows wild. It can be found only at the end of March

  • A Tesla is a Tesla. Who is Tesla?

    A Tesla is a Tesla. Who is Tesla?

    Travel educates and museum visits broaden the horizon. Thank you Museum for Utopia and Everyday Life in Eisenhüttenstadt (former GDR) that I now think of so much more than the strange Mr. Musk when I hear the name Tesla!

  • Cheating during Lent

    Cheating during Lent

    Not angels, but monks once sent beer to the Pope in Rome. His blessing for a fasting beer was quickly granted, because it tasted so awful after the long journey that he found it worthy of a fasting drink and granted the monks 5 liters per day. Here now more cheating of the clergy against…

  • Prison with a great View

    Prison with a great View

    The inn of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is picturesquely situated. Nevertheless, the Grenada Richmond Hill is not on any bucket list

  • The home and the climate

    The home and the climate

    The small village of Lützerath rarely had more than 100 inhabitants. Thanks to climate activists, Lützi has become internationally known and a symbol. Several hundred places in the Rhenish lignite area have already fallen victim to the hunger for energy and the lignite excavators before

  • Louis Vuitton scores with Yayoi Kusama

    Louis Vuitton scores with Yayoi Kusama

    On an advertising stretch of four infinite pages and the slogan “Creating Infinity”, luxury brand Louis Vuitton launches its collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

  • Hidden object with Cristiano Ronaldo

    Hidden object with Cristiano Ronaldo

    After the African country of Morocco advanced in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup against the team of Portugal, I remember a photo I took in Sierra Leone in 2016

  • Soccer idols on murals

    Soccer idols on murals

    If you love soccer but not the World Cup in Qatar, you might get a lot of enjoyment out of a book by Andy Brassell during your downtime: Football Murals

  • Laugh in Translation

    Laugh in Translation

    On the occasion of the lifting of entry restrictions in October 22, a report on our trip through the Japanese province appears in the Shizuoka Shimbun.

  • About candle stubs and coronation ceremonies

    About candle stubs and coronation ceremonies

    King Charles III is to be crowned on May 6, 2023. A cookbook by Tom Parker Bowles, son of the Queen Consort Camilla to be crowned, could provide ideas for a modest celebration.

  • Something warm man needs

    Something warm man needs

    Every year, landlords in Germany are required to put heating systems into operation on October 1. This year, however, with a throttled temperature

  • World Cat Day without cat

    World Cat Day without cat

    On World Cat Day, the number of cat photos huddling on the Internet will reach a new annual high. But without me. Therefore here cat photos almost without cat

  • How Iceland changed the world

    How Iceland changed the world

    Long rave for a wonderfully condensed book, only 255 pages for over 1000 years. How Iceland changed the World, Egill Bjarnason, Penguin Books. The big History of a small Country!

  • Simplicity day

    Simplicity day

    July 12 is the day of simplicity. For this occasion we have compiled a photo gallery with motifs from all over the world. Especially when traveling light, the most beautiful improvisations arise from simplicity and creativity. Henry David Thoreau recommends already in 1854 the return to a simple life.

  • Montpellier celebrates

    Montpellier celebrates

    Montpellier wins the French Rugby Championship. The final against Castres was broadcast from Paris for public viewing on the Place de la Comédie.

  • Trading on top

    Trading on top

    In Africa, there are hardly any business premises. Saleswomen present their products on their heads. Eye contact with the buyer takes place near the goods.

  • Spiders on the phone

    Spiders on the phone

    The older ones of us still remember the smell of the telephone booths. But nowhere do we mourn the cold smell of cigarettes or the jingling of coins.

  • Sleep day

    Sleep day

    June 21 is the beginning of summer and – almost sleepy – the day of sleep. Here are photos from Sierra Leone, where temperatures are always very summery.

  • Dead Zone at Charcoal Fire

    Dead Zone at Charcoal Fire

    The campfire has a magical attraction. It is the place where stories are told and experiences are passed on from generation to generation.

  • Concealed art

    Concealed art

    A facade artwork on the subject of migration in Reykjavik was a reminder of a piece of German-Icelandic history. Now it has had to make way for a construction project.

  • Soundtrack of the Day

    Soundtrack of the Day

    In Reykjavik, Herakut reminds us to take every moment seriously. The artists make positive signs of life and thought in dark places of many cities.

  • Leader Sheep

    Leader Sheep

    A breed of guide sheep is bred in Iceland. The information center in Norður-Þingeyjarsýsla district provides information about herding sheep.

  • The P word

    The P word

    Icelanders have a sense of humor, but caution is still advised. Icelandic ponies may only be called horse in Iceland. Anything else is considered an insult.

  • The wish stone

    The wish stone

    The magic of the jasper stone. However, for the desired result, the instructions should be read in full beforehand. Life is not a wishful thinking concert.

  • Troll or dino?

    Troll or dino?

    In Iceland, all exposed rock formations have at least one story. Hvítserkur is said to have been a troll with a fear of Christianity.

  • Outdoor pool

    Outdoor pool

    Icelanders love the outdoor thermal bath. Volcanism has its good and bad sides. The elemental force provides energy, but can also be dangerous.

  • Under Cover

    Under Cover

    Iceland has so much geothermal energy that even the sidewalks in the capital Reykjavik are heated geothermally. In winter, this saves having to stand on the sidewalks.

  • Crazy Reykjavik

    Crazy Reykjavik

    If you don’t get depressed in the Icelandic winter, you come up with the craziest ideas. So does the Lady Brewery with a useful slightly sticky label

  • Geldingadalir


    Iceland’s youngest volcano stopped spewing only a few months ago. The lava is jet black and heat still rises from its fissures

  • Everyone is a monument

    Everyone is a monument

    In Kassel stands the ICH monument. The pedestal made of red sandstone, is an invitation to each and everyone to stand up for a selfie and feel unique.

  • What is the rabbit doing in the moon?

    What is the rabbit doing in the moon?

    The hare is an iconic creature and many of its images are world famous. In Japan, the bunny gives you a whole new perspective on the moon

  • Nature and monument

    Nature and monument

    Some imposing wonders of nature are revered by man as monuments. Some even achieve the status of a deity. For example, Mount Fuji in Japan

  • Monument in the country

    Monument in the country

    In the countryside, the perception of monuments is different than in the city. Even from a distance, they seem like a special place not to be missed.

  • Monument and city

    Monument and city

    Cities have a comparatively high density of monuments. If you wanted to understand all the monuments, you would never get anywhere in many cities.

  • Monument and art

    Monument and art

    No journey without a monument! Join us for the International Monument Day on April 18 on the foray through the diversity of monuments.

  • Menu for lunch break

    Menu for lunch break

    A perfect stop in France for anyone on their way south. Café de la Page serves very good food with fresh and local products

  • Bus stops and architecture

    Bus stops and architecture

    In the Bregenzerwald there is top architecture in unexpected places. 7 bus shelters bring together culture, economy and architecture of the Vorarlberg region. Bus shelters in cosmopolitan design.

  • War and energy

    War and energy

    Fossil fuels should not be promoted as sustainable and natural gas should not be obtained via pipelines. Independence from despots would be another goal.

  • Wedding


    Where is the shoe pinching? Hardly any celebration is as enriched with rituals and gestures as a wedding ceremony. A guest at a Bulgarian wedding.

  • The tank Polemos

    The tank Polemos

    At documenta 2017, Andreas Angelidakis’ installation was a game. Tanks mutated into seating modules. The return to diplomacy is the greatest wish.

  • Fortnum & Mason – Department store in London

    Fortnum & Mason – Department store in London

    Tom Parker Bowles writes about the legendary Fortnum and Mason department store. Illustrations from the historic catalogs convey a British attitude to life

  • Oskar Reinhart Collection in Winterthur

    Oskar Reinhart Collection in Winterthur

    Picnic with Picasso – How a small museum in Switzerland charmingly encourages its visitors to linger with a creative and Corona-worthy idea

  • Typical Japan – Professions and Vocation

    Typical Japan – Professions and Vocation

    In Shizuoka Prefecture, we met people who have dedicated their entire lives to a profession and have no problems with work-life balance

  • Indigenous People Day

    Indigenous People Day

    There are about 5,000 different cultures that are threatened by the destruction of their habitat, climate change and the disregard for their rights

  • View to Kassel for documenta14

    View to Kassel for documenta14

    Every five years, Kassel is dedicated to contemporary art. Installations, performances and lectures take place at a wide variety of venues

  • Diamond Rush in Sierra Leone

    Diamond Rush in Sierra Leone

    In Sierra Leone, Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found a 706 carat diamond in the muddy broth of the Woyie River. He shares the proceeds with his country

  • The village trutz

    The village trutz

    On February 27, 2016, the former villagers of Borschemich gathered to cut down the old village linden tree. The last landmark of the village, whose inhabitants had to make way for opencast lignite mining against their will, thus disappears

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