Lumbung leitmotif of documenta fifteen

Every five years, Kassel is the center of contemporary art. Installations, performances and lectures take place in a wide variety of venues. From June 18 to September 25, 2022, documenta fifteen will take place in Kassel. The Indonesian collective Ruangrupa has based the art exhibition on the values and ideas of Lumbung. Lumbung is the Indonesian word for rice barn, where the surplus harvest is stored for the benefit of the community. Derived from this, principles of collectivity, resource building, solidarity, and friendship inform the entire process of Ruangrupa’s curatorial work. Resources, ideas or knowledge are shared as well as attention is paid to social participation. The idea of sustainability is also taken into account when planning exhibitions. These principles of Lumbung are also intended to unfold beyond the 100-day art exhibition.

Indonesian people in traditional clothing / © Photo: Georg Berg

The Lumbung Model

Applied to documenta fifteen, the Lumbung model means anchoring the idea of solidarity, participation and friendship locally as well. This is done through a regional Lumbung network in Kassel, in which many local stakeholders are called upon to participate. In addition, 14 artist groups that correspond to the values of Lumbung have been invited by the curatorial team Ruangrupa. Thus, in the spirit of Lumbung, documenta fifteen will be fed from the creative resource pool of a global network of 15 artist groups.

Lumbung, photos documenta preliminary coverage

Lumbung, the rice barn, is found in rural areas of Indonesia. In a lumbung, the village community stores its resources. Mostly the staple food rice. The life of Indonesian village communities, the architecture of their houses and barns, the social coexistence, culture and traditions, encounters between Western tourists and locals, as well as the daily hustle and bustle at markets and in schools have been captured by Georg Berg on his travels to Indonesia. He visited very remote regions of the world’s largest island state.

Also in keeping with this theme: The documenta in Kassel – from thought-provoking ideas and outdoor artworks or monuments and art – on the occasion of International Monument Day on April 18.


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