La Ferme du Vent in Brittany

Our destination is well hidden. We drive through Brittany on the country road from St. Malo towards Cancale. The navigation system shows only 900 meters to the destination. The sea is just not visible and yet “Les Maisons de Bricourt” of the Roellinger family should be very close? The first and only sign hangs directly at the turnoff that leads to the bay of Mont St. Michel.

Hinter hohen Bäumen versteckt sich das Château de Richeux. Es ist ein Hotel mit dem ausgezeichneten Sternerestaurant Le Coquillage / © Foto: Georg Berg
Hidden behind tall trees is the Château de Richeux. It is a hotel with the excellent star restaurant Le Coquillage / © Photo: Georg Berg

The road leads straight toward the Château de Richeux, a 1920s villa that now houses hotel rooms as well as the restaurant Le Coquillage. One of many “Bricourt estates” that the Roellinger family has opened up to guests over the years. The latest additions are La Ferme du Vent and La Maison de Gwenn.

Im Haus Gwenn der Fèrme du Vent befindet sich das keltische Bad und der Wellnessbereich / © Foto: Georg Berg
The Gwenn house of the Fèrme du Vent houses the Celtic bath and wellness area / © Photo: Georg Berg.

Both houses are located only 500 meters from the picturesque Château de Richeux. Between them only park, fruit trees, a herb garden and the “field of the wind”. Whoever stays here enters another world – a world in harmony with nature.

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Hugo Roellinger promises new life energy

Always blown by the sea breeze, the old, dilapidated farm has always been a magical place for Hugo Roellinger and his parents Olivier and Jane. After 2.5 years of construction, the ensemble opened in July 2016. The architect Christoph Bachmann from nearby Dinard, has worked closely with the Roellinger family to recreate a place where – Hugo Roellinger is sure – you can feel the time and energy.

Das Kled La Fenouillette bietet Platz für vier Personen / © Foto: Georg Berg
The Kled La Fenouillette offers space for four people / © Photo: Georg Berg

The place gives new energy to big-city people whose days are full of meetings, business meals and mobile permanent availability. But at the Ferme du Vent, Hugo Roellinger also recommends turning off your cell phone and looking better at the sea.

Hugo Roellinger ist zur See gefahren, bevor er sich im elterlichen Betrieb engagiert hat. Gedanken über das Reisen, die Weite und die Zeit prägen seine Einstellung / © Foto: Georg Berg
Hugo Roellinger went to sea before getting involved in his parents’ business. Thoughts about travel, space and time shape his attitude / © Photo: Georg Berg

A time out in the wind

Kled is the Breton word for wind catcher. When staying at Ferme du Vent, each group is accommodated in its own kled, a very private refuge and windbreak. In the buildings of a former farm, the motto is life in harmony with nature – at least for a few days. There is no TV, no wifi, no bright colors, no plastic. The pictures on the walls are the windows that bring the bay of Mont St Michel into the house.

Blick aus dem Wohnzimmer des Kleds auf die Bucht, an deren gegenüberliegender Seite in 15 Kilometer Entfernung Mont St Michel zu ahnen ist / © Foto: Georg Berg
View from the living room of the Kled to the bay, on the opposite side of which Mont St Michel can be glimpsed 15 kilometers away / © Photo: Georg Berg

Natural colors wherever the eye looks. The dominant materials are wood, very old wood, and stone. The tableware: earthenware. Tea is drunk from bowls. Every morning, a paper boat with a small bunch of fresh herbs lies in the bathroom – tiny details that add up to a maximum relaxation experience.

Um den Mont St. Michel so nah zu sehen, muss man schon einige Kilometer fahren / © Foto: Georg Berg
To see Mont St. Michel this close, you have to drive quite a few kilometers / © Photo: Georg Berg

Let your soul dangle and do so from morning to night. Nowhere is this well-worn image more appropriate than here. No constraints, no obligations. Breakfast is brought to the house, and you don’t have to leave the house for dinner either. The star cuisine of the nearby restaurant Le Coquillage is brought to the Kled on request. The day is filled with a walk by the sea and a visit to the beautiful Bains Celtiques. The pinnacle of relaxation is a foot reflexology massage at Gwenn. Hugo Roellinger speaks of recharging with life energy. In an environment that seems out of time, this succeeds particularly well.

Self-experiment in words and pictures

The Breton breakfast is brought at the desired time. The wooden box is filled with typical Breton food such as crêpes and brioche, salted butter, but also vegetable juice, yogurt and fruit.

Die Frühstücksbox wird an die Tür gebracht. Selbstverständlich ist auch eine Tageszeitung dabei / © Foto: Georg Berg
The breakfast box is brought to the door. Of course, it also includes a daily newspaper / © Photo: Georg Berg

A very special starter for the day is a small bottle that looks a bit like a poison drink, but is supposed to have the exact opposite effect. Detox is based on seawater mixed with a spice blend from Roellinger.

Das Detox-Fläschchen am Morgen sollte vor dem Frühstück getrunken werden und ist genau für zwei Personen dosiert / © Foto: Georg Berg
The Detox bottle in the morning should be drunk before breakfast and is exactly dosed for two people / © Photo: Georg Berg

For all the relaxation, a little initiative is then required in this beautiful setting. To set the breakfast table and make coffee and tea yourself.

Der Frühstückstisch ist gedeckt, der Kaffee gekocht / © Foto: Georg Berg
The breakfast table is set, the coffee is made / © Photo: Georg Berg

After breakfast, an excursion to Mont St Michel or a walk along the coast towards Cancale is a good idea. Past the longhorn cattle, which you can always see from the window and which radiate a peace and serenity that you would like to achieve yourself.

Grasen, dösen, wiederkäuen – Die Longhorns auf der Weide genießen die Meeresbrise jeden Tag / © Foto: Georg Berg
Grazing, snoozing, chewing the cud – The Longhorns on the pasture enjoy the sea breeze every day / © Photo: Georg Berg

Les Baines Celtiques – the Celtic baths

Everywhere you go you encounter elements of the old farmstead. Beautifully restored and arranged. The entrance room to the Celtic Baths is dominated by a fireplace with three hearths and a huge wooden bench in front of it.

Der riesige Kamin am Eingang zum Wellnessbereich lädt zum Verweilen nach dem keltischen Bad ein / © Foto: Georg Berg
The huge fireplace at the entrance to the wellness area invites you to linger after the Celtic bath / © Photo: Georg Berg.

Here, too, natural colors, lots of old wood, fancy lamp design and cushions made of beautiful fabrics. A large door leads into the bathroom, which you enter barefoot. Just the feel of the natural stone underfoot lends more security than any tile could.

Ein riesiger Hinkelstein draußen vor dem Fenster und drinnen die sanfte Rauheit der steinernen Oberflächen im warmen Wasser / © Foto: Georg Berg
A huge menhir outside the window and inside the gentle roughness of the stone surfaces in the warm water / © Photo: Georg Berg

The whole bathroom is made of natural stone. There are corners with embedded massage jets. Harmonious lines of sight connect inside and outside. The pool is designed in such a way that you swim towards the horizon and even Mont St Michel if the view is good.

A sauna and a steam bath are also included. The Celtic bath can also be visited by day guests. Booking is recommended, as there are never more than six people admitted at a time, but then there is plenty of room.

Nautische Gegenstände werden unaufdringlich als Außendekoration eingesetzt. Sie vermitteln zwischen der Ferne und Nähe, Rauheit und Harmonie / © Foto: Georg Berg
Nautical objects are used unobtrusively as exterior decorations. They mediate between distance and proximity, roughness and harmony / © Photo: Georg Berg

Finding inner peace

The Celtic Bath is also the workplace of Gwenn Libouban, who offers foot reflexology massages. The one-hour treatment transports new life energy through the feet into the body. Gwenn feels every weak point in the body through the treatment of the feet and sets pleasant impulses for the improvement of the well-being through the massage.

Mit viel Zeit erspürt Gwenn Libouban Schwachstellen im Körper. Eine Stunde dauert die erste Fußrefexzonen-Massage, die schon als Therapie wirkt / © Foto: Georg Berg
With a lot of time Gwenn Libouban senses weak points in the body. The first foot refex zone massage, which already acts as a therapy, lasts one hour / © Photo: Georg Berg

In order for the detoxifying effect of the intensive foot reflexology massage to take full effect, Gwenn advises me to drink a lot over the next two days. She doesn’t have to tell me twice. After the massage, I float in front of the large fireplace, where a fire always crackles, and calmly drink a whole pot of herbal tea.

The taste of the four winds – a dinner in the Kled

Whether you can’t see the inside of a restaurant because of your job, or you see it as the perfect way to round off a relaxing weekend: dinner in your own four walls has its own special charm.

Dinner im Kled mit Kamin und Kerzenschein / © Foto: Georg Berg
Dinner in the Kled with fireplace and candlelight / © Photo: Georg Berg

In the evening sun, the view of the bay of Mont St Michel is fascinating. The fireplace is already carefully loaded, a flick of the match and it starts to crackle. Antoine Coulm, chef at Le Coquillage restaurant arrives as agreed shortly before eight with a selection from the maritime-dominated “Taste of the Four Winds” menu.

Dreierlei Desserts stecken in den Box. Koch Antoine Coulm erklärt die Spezialitäten / © Foto: Georg Berg
Three desserts are tucked into the box. Chef Antoine Coulm explains the specialties / © Photo: Georg Berg

Antoine explains the menu sequence and points out special features. He programs the oven and also gives a recommendation for the menu accompaniment from the well-stocked wine refrigerator. Then he wishes you a nice evening, “bon appétit” and you are alone with three courses from the star kitchen of Le Coquillage and can start the evening at your own pace.

Dinner in den eigenen vier Wänden. Der Kamin brennt und das Hauptgericht kann ab in den Ofen / © Foto: Georg Berg
Dinner in your own four walls. The fireplace is burning and the main course can go into the oven / © Photo: Georg Berg

My only kitchen deed that evening: the prepared tajine goes into the oven for 20 minutes. Then the John Dory fish with pak choi and yellow zucchini and andaliman pepper-an Indonesian lemon pepper-can be enjoyed.

Starter from the sea

Sea cuisine is what made Olivier Roellinger famous. So it’s only logical that a number of the dishes on the menu feature fresh ingredients from the sea. The famous oysters from the sea off the neighboring town of Cancale are served house style. Nine oysters combined with three different spices and herbs.

Neun Austern mit drei verschiedenen Gewürzen und Kräutern kombiniert / © Foto: Georg Berg
Nine oysters combined with three different spices and herbs / © Photo: Georg Berg

Marinated sea bream with Olivier Roellinger’s “Poudre de Neptun” spice blend and herbs from the sea cliff. Chef Antoine Coulm says he and his colleagues often go to the sea in the afternoon to collect herbs. That’s how these special, rather thick-leafed herbs with a slightly salty note also make their way into the Four Winds menu.

Die marinierte Seebrasse wird mit frisch gesammelten Kräutern von der nahe gelegenen Meeresklippe angerichtet / © Foto: Georg Berg
The marinated sea bream is served with freshly collected herbs from the nearby sea cliff / © Photo: Georg Berg

Under the green cloak is crabmeat from the head of the spider crab. The sauce is refined with almond and pistachio oil.

Unter dem grünen Deckmäntelchen verbirgt sich Krabbenfleisch aus dem Kopf der Spinnenkrabbe. Die Soße ist verfeinert mit Mandel- und Pistazienöl / © Foto: Georg Berg
Under the green coating there is crab meat from the head of the spider crab. The sauce is refined with almond and pistachio oil / © Photo: Georg Berg

In addition to the aforementioned John Dory fish, another main dish goes into the oven. A brill with shrimps and ginger sauce. Served with homemade Breton pasta with piment d’Espelette.

Glattbutt mit Shrimps und Ingwersauce. Dazu hausgemachte bretonische Pasta mit Piment d’Espelette / © Foto: Georg Berg
Turbot with shrimps and ginger sauce. Served with homemade Breton pasta with piment d’Espelette / © Photo: Georg Berg

In addition to the 11-person kitchen team, two patissiers also work in the kitchen at Le Coquillage. Antoine’s recommendation is the house specialty: “Paris-Cancale tartlets with pistachio cream. Add to that a chocolate cake with homemade salted butter and caramel, and a puff pastry with a Madagascar vanilla cream.

Drei verschiedene Desserts runden das private Dinner im Kled ab / © Foto: Georg Berg
Three different desserts round off the private dinner at Kled / © Photo: Georg Berg

What a wonderful end to this very relaxing day with many new impressions. Some of them quite small. The grounds of the Ferme du Vent are full of little eye-catchers.

Frisches Kraut in der Mauernische sorgt für angenehmen Duft / © Foto: Georg Berg
Fresh herbs in the wall niche provide a pleasant scent / © Photo: Georg Berg

Before we roll our suitcases back to the car in the luggage cart, a quick look at some of the other apartments. All are characterized by equally beautiful simplicity and the incorporation of old furniture from Brittany.

Eine Handkarre steht den Gästen für ihr Gepäck zur Verfügung. Zum Parkplatz ist es vom Kled aber nicht weiter als 50 Meter / © Foto: Georg Berg
A hand cart is available to guests for their luggage. However, it is no more than 50 meters to the parking lot from the Kled / © Photo: Georg Berg
Die freistehende Badewanne im Schlafzimmer ist voll funktionsfähig. Ein separates Badezimmer mit Dusche ist im Kled La Fenouillette zusätzlich auch vorhanden / © Foto: Georg Berg
The freestanding bathtub in the bedroom is fully functional. A separate bathroom with shower is also available in the Kled La Fenouillette / © Photo: Georg Berg
Jedes Kled ist unterschiedlich gestaltet. Hier verschwindet der Sanitärbereich hinter einem Bretterverschlag / © Foto: Georg Berg
Each Kled is designed differently. Here the sanitary area disappears behind a board shack / © Photo: Georg Berg
Ein antikes bretonisches Schrankbett wurde in diesem Schlafzimmer als Kinderbett eingebaut / © Foto: Georg Berg
An antique Breton cupboard bed was installed in this bedroom as a crib / © Photo: Georg Berg
Jede Wohnung verfügt auch über eine Küche / © Foto: Georg Berg
Each apartment also has a kitchen / © Photo: Georg Berg

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By the way, we arrived by sea with the car ferry from England.
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Our mode of operation is characterized by self-experienced, well-researched text work and professional, vivid photography. For all stories, travel impressions and photos are created in the same place. Thus, the photos complement and support what is read and carry it further.

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