Glamping and Hide Aways

In Cerentino kann man im aufwendig renovierten historischen Patrizierhaus Cà Vegia wohnen, mit jahrhundertealten Originalmöbeln, aber ohne Strom. Polenta wird über dem offenen Feuer zubereitet, Circolo della Rovana, Schweiz
In Cerentino you can stay in the patrician house Cà Vegia, with original furniture, but without electricity. Polenta is prepared over an open fire / © Photo: Georg Berg

Traveling greener and thus experiencing nature closer and more intense, this can be done in many ways. You can camp with the greatest possible comfort. From the overnight stay in man-high barrels with bed and side table to the spacious Bedouin tent with luxury interior, everything is possible. We visited the Blixen family on the island of Funen, spent the night in an old wine barrel in Luxembourg on the Moselle River, and ventured into the past in Val Rovana in Ticino, where we lived for several days in a 17th-century townhouse. The house had been empty for a whopping 100 years, was renovated for 10 years and now corresponds to the living standards of the 19th century – albeit before electrification.

In the Australian outback, accommodation in the middle of nature is a matter of course. Where should one also go in these infinite almost uninhabited widths. Bamurru Plains Lodge in the Northern Territories is one of the spectacular camps. With a lot of wit and Australian understatement, the luxury of running water and all the necessary sanitary facilities is showcased here. The bedroom consists of walls that offer unobstructed views of water buffalo and herons from the inside out. Transparency and insight, however, do not work from the outside in. Amazing!


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Glamping and Digital Detox photos

Those who travel to a big city are not necessarily looking for nature as a special overnight destination. Nevertheless, cities increasingly offer the opportunity to spend the night in special places. Whether it’s a former monastery or an industrial wasteland, the clever combination of new and old and the re-staging of old stock makes some hotels so exciting that you almost forget you’re visiting the city.

Deceleration and life as in another time

Digital Detox and how long will it be light? Instead of simply flipping a switch, it’s better to always carry a box of matches at Ca’Vegia in the small town of Cerentino in Ticino. It’s advisable to put fresh candlesticks in daylight and fetch another pitcher of fresh water from outside. Where do I cool my drinks and how long will it take for the fire to burn and the copper kettle to boil? These are the questions you ask yourself when there is no electricity in the house. A deceleration of a very special kind.


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