Design and view at Dunloe Hotel

That view, that expanse, and now a gold medal. The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens has won Ireland’s Best Designed Hotels design award in 2019 following extensive interior and exterior renovations. In the process, the hotel has managed to retain its 1960s identity and elevate it to the contemporary standard of a 5-star hotel. The building’s distinctive towers were retained. The impressive giant trees in The Dunloe Castle Heritage Park were better showcased with a new driveway. The restaurant opens to the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland’s most famous gorge, with an impressive picture window and new terrace.

Restaurant mit Aussicht. Und wenn es dunkel wird und die Schlucht von Dunloe von der Nacht geschluckt wird, dann bietet das Restaurant mit einer Deckenhöhe von 6 Metern, einer imposanter Beleuchtung und ausgefallenen Interieur-Ideen viele Blickfänge / © Foto: Georg Berg
Restaurant with a view. And when it gets dark and the Gorge of Dunloe is swallowed by night, the restaurant offers many eye-catchers with a ceiling height of 6 meters, impressive lighting and unusual interior ideas / © Photo: Georg Berg

The restaurant – centerpiece with a view

The restaurant at The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens opens up spectacularly to the Gap of Dunloe with a panoramic window and a ceiling height of six meters. Plenty of natural light is brought into the restaurant from outside. Velvet table settings in the center and a bit more rustic and wood-paneled on the sides for families with children.

Offene Küche: das neue Reich von Chefkoch Jupp Osterloh. Der Deutsche ist schon 25 Jahre Küchenchef in den Killarney Hotels der Liebherr-Gruppe / © Foto: Georg Berg
Open kitchen: the new realm of chef Jupp Osterloh. The German has been head chef at the Liebherr Group’s Killarney hotels for 25 years / © Photo: Georg Berg

The open kitchen stretches almost across the entire width of the room, colored in turquoise and contrasting warmly with the four plant columns in the dining room. The ceiling and the glass light fixtures are also worth admiring. Especially when the Gap of Dunloe is in darkness in the evening hours, guests are left with enough beauty inside to contemplate.

Bar, lobby and lounge

In contrast to the light-filled restaurant, the lobby, library tower and bar were designed in dark, warm tones and with fine materials such as velvet and leather. The Swiss architectural firm Monoplan was commissioned with the conversion of the hotel’s public spaces.

Bücher bis hoch in den Turm. Rund 2.000 „echte“ Bücher und noch viel mehr dekorative Leseattrappen befinden sich in der Turm-Bibliothek, die direkt vor der Bar gelegen ist. Eine freistehende, eigenwillig geschwungene Treppe führt hinauf in die Upper Lounge / © Foto: Georg Berg
Books up high in the tower. Some 2,000 “real” books and many more decorative reading dummies can be found in the tower library, located directly in front of the bar. A freestanding, idiosyncratically curved staircase leads up to the Upper Lounge / © Photo: Georg Berg
Auch die Bar bietet eine einladende, behagliche Atmosphäre. Sie ist auch tagsüber gut besucht, wie hier anlässlich der Rugby-Weltmeisterschaft in Japan beim Spiel der irischen Nationalmannschaft / © Foto: Georg Berg
The bar also offers an inviting, cozy atmosphere. It is also well frequented during the day, as here on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup in Japan during the match of the Irish national team / © Photo: Georg Berg
Die Silhouette mit den zwei Türmen wurde beibehalten und ein Einrichtungskonzept entworfen, das Bezug auf die Tradition des Hauses nimmt / © Foto: Georg Berg
The silhouette with the two towers was retained and a furnishing concept was designed that refers to the tradition of the building / © Photo: Georg Berg
Verbindung von Alt und Neu: So wurden die original Blumenfenster in die mit lokalem Naturstein verkleideten Türme eingesetzt / © Foto: Georg Berg
Combining old and new: This is how the original flower windows were inserted into the towers, which are clad in local natural stone / © Photo: Georg Berg
Gespräch in der neu gestalteten Upper Lounge: Chefkoch Jupp Osterloh mit Angela Berg / © Foto: Georg Berg
Conversation in the newly designed Upper Lounge: Chef Jupp Osterloh with Angela Berg / © Photo: Georg Berg
Der Blick nach Süden ist immer wieder grandios. Hier aus der Upper Lounge ist die alte Eiche zu sehen, die auch im Logo von The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens abgebildet ist / © Foto: Georg Berg
The view to the south is always magnificent. Here from the Upper Lounge you can see the old oak tree, which is also depicted in the logo of The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens / © Photo: Georg Berg

Click here for a detailed report on the hotel, gardens and the cuisine of chef Jupp Osterloh and on the extensive family-friendly program, the friendly relaxed atmosphere promoted by a young international service team and the creative cuisine with the best products from the region.

More information on the website: Dunloe Hotel & Gardens.

The cost of half board was not charged by the hotel

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