Monument and city

Cities have a comparatively high density of monuments. Here, we often walk past a monument carelessly. In the course of history, simply too much has been put on the pedestal. If you wanted to understand all the monuments and explore their background, you wouldn’t get anywhere in many cities. Bamberg is such a case.

Die Türme des Bamberger Doms St. Peter und St. Georg hinter einem Kastanienbaum und anderen Gebäuden der Bergstadt Bamberg / © Foto: Georg Berg
The towers of Bamberg’s St. Peter’s and St. George’s cathedrals behind a chestnut tree and other buildings of the mountain town of Bamberg / © Photo: Georg Berg

Beautiful area monument, rich world cultural heritage, beautiful old town, tempting inns and restaurants. This is not to say that you should avoid a city with a lot of historical potential, you just have to make a choice. In Bamberg, instead of baroque, we went for beer. In the city center alone there are 13 breweries and 50 different types of beer. Bamberg’s World Heritage Site includes not only the Old Town, but also the Garden City. Bamberg families have been cultivating historic farmland in the middle of the city for centuries. A very special monument.

Luftaufnahme Gärtnerstadt Bamberg. Der Gärtnerstadt Bamberg steht seit 1993 auf der Liste des UNESCO-Weltkulturerbes  / © Foto: Georg Berg
Aerial view of the Gardener’s Town of Bamberg. The Gardener’s Town of Bamberg has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993 / © Photo: Georg Berg

No trip without a monument! For International Monument Day on April 18, we are taking a foray into the diversity of monuments. Whether you encounter them in the city or in the countryside, what all the world’s monuments have in common is their contribution to education. Without them, we would all return from a trip a little dumber.

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