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Whether it is a magnificent specimen weighing several kilos or a truffle fragment from one of the most expensive mushroom species in the world, almost every find is used for gastronomy. It must go fast, because truffles keep fresh for a maximum of 5 days. We are in the small provincial town of Draguignan. It is already dark, from the main street we turn into an inconspicuous backyard and enter the branch of a global player in the worldwide truffle business. Stephane Edicoffer has been developing his own truffle products for over 30 years. The truffle harvest of the province of Var is by far not enough, rather Stephane and his son Adam buy truffles from all over the world. Five types of truffle are processed at Domaine D’Argens: Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Brumale Vitt, Tuber Uncinatum Vitt.Tuber Aestivum and Vitt. Tuber Magnatum. Several times I ask if I have understood correctly, several times I get the same answer In this manufactory, located in a backyard, about 10 percent of the truffle harvest of the northern hemisphere are processed in the year.

Schwarzer Wintertrüffel - Tuber melanosporum - auf dem Trüffelmarkt in Aups, Provence
Black winter truffle – Tuber melanosporum – at the truffle market in Aups, Provence / © Photo: Georg Berg


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With the truffle it is like with wine, cheese or other regional specialties. In every region people consider their products to be the best. It is the same with truffles. The best and most expensive is the white truffle from Alba. In Var, the Burgundy truffle (Tuber Uncinatum) is considered to be less aromatic. People from Perigord, in turn, ridicule the truffle quality from the province of Var, fearing a fraud with inferior Chinese truffles, which are very similar in grain to the Tuber Melanosporum, but of course do not have a comparable aroma. Move the cursor over a photo and more information will appear.

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On the topic of black truffle, winter truffle, Tuber Melanosporum we offer extensive photo material and texts from a trip at the beginning of the truffle season to the region Rhone – Alpes – Cote Azur in the department Var in France. The theme can be expanded in content to include the following aspects:

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