Crazy Reykjavik

If you don’t get depressed in the Icelandic winter, you come up with the craziest ideas. This is also the case with Lady Brewery, founded in 2017 by Þórey Björk, a woman with a passion for making great-tasting beer and beer-related experiences. Her first creation – how could it be otherwise – bore the telling name First Lady -IPA. Women who brew beer want the pleasurable moment, but still think beyond the sip. Why should drunk beer bottles actually not be used to defuzz the flashy clothes? A slightly sticky label makes it possible.

Best before end of time / © Foto: Georg Berg
Best before end of time / © Photo: Georg Berg

Creative craft beer scene

Excellent drinking water, a willingness to experiment, and a hands-on optimism have allowed Iceland’s beer scene to grow in recent years, with many breweries spread throughout the country. Production is exclusively for the domestic market. Some types of beer are brewed only for a specific event. Pop-up beers are Lady Brewery’s great passion. The hairy label above is an expression of a cooperation with a young fashion label from Reykjavik.

Wondrous Iceland Stories

Magical, mystical, whimsical. On our trip through Iceland, we experienced overwhelming nature, enjoyed the benefits of geothermal energy and tasted many an outlandish dish or of the beer that was only legalized in 1989. In Iceland there are leader sheep, but under no circumstances ponies. Instead, the descendants of the Vikings today have heated sidewalks, still seething volcanoes and a lot of creativity, which in the long dark months is the best recipe against the onset of winter depression. Other Moment Mal episodes are about hairy beer bottles, petrified trolls and wishing stones. Fermented, cruelly stinking Greenland shark contrasts with rye bread baked in hot earth. The whales that regularly appear off Húsavík are a popular photo motif during whale watching.

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