The Silk Road runs across the bridge of the Serafshan River in Tajikistan / © Photo: Georg Berg

Adventures on the Silk Road

To travel the Silk Road in the footsteps of Marco Polo, you can trust experienced tour operators. Such a trip is nevertheless adventurous

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Lots of vehicles fit into the belly of the Armorique / © Photo: Georg Berg

Brittany Ferries and the worlds of the Celts

Brittany Ferries has been transporting agricultural products from Brittany to the British Isles since 1973 and is now particularly used by travelers

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The wine, the Sierra and the sea. Three wineries are located in the Cap de Creus nature reserve. The Catalan flag flies at the winery of Martin Faixó / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cultural treasures on the Costa Brava

We will visit a winery, the fish auction in Palamós and the museum with optical illusions of Salvador Dali and learn about the rich heritage of Romanesque architecture.

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Early in the morning, the snow is cleared away in front of the entrance portal in winter / © Photo: Georg Berg

Waldhaus Sils in the Engadine

The Waldhaus Sils is a nostalgic place full of stories about its illustrious guests. The grand hotel in the Upper Engadine has been writing hotel history since 1908.

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Façade decoration of the Hechler family at the Hotel Krone in Weil am Rhein / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hotel Krone in Weil am Rhein

A harmonious triad of culture, design and wine in the boutique hotel between Vitra Campus and Fondation Beyeler. Star architects and designers meet here

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Oak avenue in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania / © Photo: Georg Berg

Luxury and tranquility in the Cavalier House

Neither car noise nor light pollution, at most the chirping of birds in the morning. In the Kavaliershaus, silence and supposed solitude become a luxury good

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In the spacious entrance area of the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, musicians who have inherited this art form from their fathers play the drums, while upstairs, where photography is not allowed, the faithful crowd in front of the reliquary / © Photo: Georg Berg

Sri Lanka as a Destination

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and has recently been at the forefront of tourist popularity. It should stay that way because of the warm-hearted people

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Seats at the doors are coveted / © Photo: Georg Berg

In the slowest express of the world

In Sri Lanka, a railroad line was built in 1876 to transport goods cheaply from the highlands of the colony of Ceylon to the port city of Colombo.

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Under the skids of the helicopter a resort under construction in the layout of Australia / © Photo: Georg Berg

Australia for European tourists

Tips to make traveling Down Under a straightforward experience. However, European travelers should be prepared for a few unusual things

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The Cresta Palace is a luxury hotel in Celerina, Grisons, Switzerland / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cresta Palace Hotel in Celerina

Celerina, the place where the Cresta Palace Hotel is located, is not far from Sankt Moritz, but is known as an independent place only in Switzerland

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The Hotel Lenkerhof is located in the middle of park-like grounds on the outskirts of Lenk. 80 rooms have a south-facing balcony / © Photo: Georg Berg

Healing luxury hotel Lenkerhof

Lenk is an insider tip because the place is remote and almost only known in Switzerland. When the road ends you reach the village and the hiking paradise Lenk

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In the rainy season only accessible by air: The outback behind Darwin is crisscrossed by many watercourses. Bridges are scarce / © Photo: Georg Berg

The North of Australia

The Northern Territory is almost four times the size of Germany, but has only 250,000 inhabitants. In the tropical climate there is only rainy season and dry season here

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