Pool and garden Kumbali Country Lodge near Lilongwe / © Photo: Georg Berg

Special hotels in Lilongwe

Malawi in Southeast Africa is still considered an insider tip for Africa travelers. Already in the capital Lilongwe there are special accommodations

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Terrace overlooking Lake Malawi, guest villa of Pumulani Lodge, Robin Pope Safaris, on the shore of Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear, in Lake Malawi National Park / © Photo: Georg Berg

Vacation at Lake Malawi

The lake is as big as an ocean. On its shores there are beautiful accommodations embedded in nature. Two examples from the Lake of Stars

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Stift Sankt Peter, also Archabbey of St. Peter (Latin Archiabbatia sancti Petri Salisburgensis) in Salzburg, is the oldest existing monastery of the Austrian Benedictine Congregation and in the German-speaking world in general. The monks live according to the Benedictine rule. The entire area is listed as a national monument / © Photo: Georg Berg

Salzburg’s Monastery Worlds

Two monastery worlds, one old town. Tradition and beer at Augustiner Bräu in Mülln Monastery. Gourmet cuisine and wine at the Stiftskulinarium

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The Venetian Column in Atatürk Square. Erected in 1489 by the ruling Venetians. The Ottomans toppled the column and removed the Venetian St. Mark's lion that was on it. During the British colonial period, the column would be rebuilt and a bronze sphere added. In the background, the courthouse from the British colonial period / © Photo: Georg Berg

Nicosia. City with border experience

The circular city center of Nicosia has had a crack in it since 1964. The Green Line runs through the middle of the winding streets. Border crossings are possible

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Former Cistercian abbey Neuzelle Monastery. Here the Catholic collegiate and monastic church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. From 1650 a false vault was inserted under the Gothic vault and the present Baroque form was created / © Photo: Georg Berg

Neuzelle Monastery. The baroque miracle

Neuzelle Monastery survived raids, fires and entire system changes. The name seems to be the program. An astonishing amount of new things are still being created

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Tail fin of a humpback whale. Numerous boats depart from Húsavík (Iceland) for whale watching. The highlight is the tail fin when the large mammals dive / © Photo: Georg Berg

Experience whales in Iceland

There is no whaling in Iceland anymore. Instead, whale watching is booming. The Whale Museum in Húsavík participates in the exploration of the gentle giants

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Recent research on the design of the crowns, swords, and costumes in Royston Cave suggests that the carvings were made around the middle of the 13th century / © Photo: Georg Berg

Mysterious Royston Cave

Five theories still vie for interpretive authority over the Christian and pagan graffiti in a cave under the sidewalk in the village of Royston near Cambridge

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The old town of Avignon with the Papal Palace / © Photo: Georg Berg

Avignon, the popes and a lot of theater

A visit to the Palais des Papes is worthwhile. The Unesco World Heritage Site offers a vivid look at the time as a papal residence, also thanks to modern museum technology

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View of the Carelshaven Hotel and Restaurant from the perimeter path / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hof van Twente on the Overijssel

On a tour of discovery by bike. The gardens of Twente are located just behind Enschede, on the German-Dutch border

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View from the Benesse House Museum of the Seto Inland Sea with its many small islands / © Photo: Georg Berg

Japan can also be Mediterranean

The Setouchi region on Japan’s Inland Sea comprises seven prefectures and is still more of an insider’s tip than a must-see on a trip to Japan.

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Kawaii is what the Japanese call their penchant for cuteness. There are trains in the popular Hello Ktty design / © Photo: Georg Berg

Kawaii. Oh how cute!

Kawaii is an expression of pop culture in Japan and its superstar Hello Kitty. The fan base is growing as the projection screens for the cute kitten

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After the typhoon. Window cleaner exposes Mount Fuji / © Photo: Georg Berg

Travel to Japan possible again

Tourists are welcome in Japan again. Corona pandemic entry restrictions lifted. Latest tips.

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