The Venetian Column in Atatürk Square. Erected in 1489 by the ruling Venetians. The Ottomans toppled the column and removed the Venetian St. Mark's lion that was on it. During the British colonial period, the column would be rebuilt and a bronze sphere added. In the background, the courthouse from the British colonial period / © Photo: Georg Berg

Nicosia. City with border experience

The circular city center of Nicosia has had a crack in it since 1964. The Green Line runs through the middle of the winding streets. Border crossings are possible

Tail fin of a humpback whale. Numerous boats depart from Húsavík (Iceland) for whale watching. The highlight is the tail fin when the large mammals dive / © Photo: Georg Berg

Experience whales in Iceland

There is no whaling in Iceland anymore. Instead, whale watching is booming. The Whale Museum in Húsavík participates in the exploration of the gentle giants

View from the Benesse House Museum of the Seto Inland Sea with its many small islands / © Photo: Georg Berg

Japan can also be Mediterranean

The Setouchi region on Japan’s Inland Sea comprises seven prefectures and is still more of an insider’s tip than a must-see on a trip to Japan.

Kawaii is what the Japanese call their penchant for cuteness. There are trains in the popular Hello Ktty design / © Photo: Georg Berg

Kawaii. Oh how cute!

Kawaii is an expression of pop culture in Japan and its superstar Hello Kitty. The fan base is growing as the projection screens for the cute kitten

The oldest weighing house in the Netherlands from 1528 stands on the square De Brink. The city scales had a great importance for the commercial life. Under the supervision of the city authorities, merchants had to have their goods weighed. The taxes and tolls contributed to the wealth of Deventer / © Photo: Georg Berg

Holland and the Hanseatic League

Rich history and plenty of enjoyment – that’s what the nine Dutch Hanseatic cities stand for. From April 2023, the cities will revive the old Hanseatic League.

In Cerentino, you can stay in the lavishly renovated historic patrician house Cà Vegia, with centuries-old original furniture but no electricity. The sink is located in front of the entrance door, Circolo della Rovana, Switzerland / © Photo: Georg Berg

Digital Detox in Ticino

In the village of Cerentino you can stay in the historic patrician house Cà Vegia, with copper boiler, soapstone stove and without electricity.

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