Today's perimeter path around Twickel Castle dates back to a design of 1890 by the German landscape architect Eduard Petzold / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hiking around Twickel Castle

In Twente, a visit to a park in English landscape style and walking through cultural landscape can be condensed into a perfect day trip.

Detail of Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama on Naoshima / © Photo: Georg Berg

Yayoi Kusama. Art by the sea

Yayoi Kusama is the most famous artist in Japan. In the Setouchi region on the island of Naoshima are her famous pumpkins with polka dots.

The colorful peloton in front of a historic backdrop. On the marathon course, the participants of the 36th Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc pass a total of 25 wineries. Often, they pass through the middle of the chateau grounds and are offered red wine and water / © Photo: Georg Berg

A marathon for connoisseurs

The run through the vineyards of the Médoc is called the longest marathon in the world. Georg Berg took part and is thrilled by the atmosphere

The crew of a prau consists of at least three people. One determines the angle of attack of the sail at the back. Another crew member steers by shifting weight. A loose paddle can be used to steer slightly / © Photo: Georg Berg

Day of the seafarer

On Sailor’s Day, we remember that the art of navigation originated in Polynesia. These boats would have won any regatta not long ago.

Alpabtrieb in Hittisau. The youth fetches the cattle from the alp and the most beautiful cow is decorated. The bus shelter in this photo doesn't get a beauty prize - but in the neighboring community of Krumbach there are bus stops with world-class architecture! / © Photo: Georg Berg

Bus stops and architecture

In the Bregenzerwald there is top architecture in unexpected places. 7 bus shelters bring together culture, economy and architecture of the Vorarlberg region. Bus shelters in cosmopolitan design.

The oak tree is over 500 years old. It takes its name from the poet Ambrosius Stub, who liked to sit and write poetry by its trunk. Svendborg, Denmark / © Photo: Georg Berg

Tree day

Me, my Tree and I. Why the magnolia is my favorite tree. Encounters with forest dwellers, imposing solitaires and avenue beauties for Arbor Day.

Hikes around the three lakes of Kaysersberg. Here at Lac Blanc / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hiking in the Vosges

The Vosges are a varied low mountain range. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without good wine, hearty cuisine and picturesque towns.

In the Hoge Veluwe National Park: endless expanses and smart bike paths in a varied landscape / © Photo: Georg Berg

Achterhoek and Veluwe in Holland

The other Holland with the regions Veluwe and Achterhoek offers old Hanseatic cities, unusual museums, very good restaurants and hotels and lots of cycling fun!

Walking from station to station is well signposted in Luxembourg. The lower sign "CFL" is an indication that the route also passes through a train station. Throughout the country there are these CFL hiking trails with a train station at the beginning and at the end. So you can just hop on and go back to the starting point for free / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hiking in Luxembourg – Tips

Luxembourg has 3,500 km of hiking trails and 600 km of bike paths. The luggage service Move – We Carry makes traveling through Luxembourg uncomplicated.

Seljavellir Geothermal Pool / © Foto: Georg Berg


Viele haben die Outdoor-Leidenschaft. Bewegung an der frischen Luft und körperliche Betätigung bieten die beste Erholung vom Alltag. Hier einige Anregungen.

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