Palaces wherever you look. There are 12 palaces and many gardens in Sanssouci Park, which together form Potsdam's cultural landscape and are the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany. Here Babelsberg Palace on the banks of the Havel in neo-Gothic style, built in 1833 / © Photo: Georg Berg

When is a castle a castle?

Old Fritz transformed Potsdam into a royal seat. With twelve palaces and numerous gardens, Potsdam’s cultural landscape is the largest German Unesco World Heritage Site

Ore wagons on the pocket dock. The Marquette Ore Dock is in operation / © Photo: Georg Berg

Michigan and heavy industry

160 years ago, strong deflections on a compass needle indicated a large iron ore deposit that brought jobs and prosperity. What remains are cinemas, pubs, cannabis

American flag and view of Lake Charlevoix / © Photo: Georg Berg

Charlevoix: Rich in stone and beautiful

Charlevoix confidently calls itself The Beautiful. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no doubt that this place is rich as a stone. And there are two reasons for this

View from the dome of the Mission Point lighthouse, Old Mission Peninsula, now a museum / © Photo: Georg Berg

Living in the lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse is a very special vacation spot. The vacation apartment in an exposed location can only be rented by those who apply to be a temporary lighthouse keeper. The job is particularly popular with women

Reflection of the Detroit People Mover. It is a 4.7-kilometre-long, automatically operated elevated railway system through downtown Detroit. Passengers on the ring line are tourists and employees from the stores and offices in the city center. The ride costs a quarter and offers an interesting view of the buildings in downtown Detroit / © Photo: Georg Berg

Mobility in Motown

Walks, bike tours and free streetcars. Mobility in Detroit works pretty well even without a car. Tips for getting around

Two fishermen with a net full of mirror carp / © Photo: Georg Berg

Carp fishing in the Upper Palatinate

A carp spends three summers in the pond before it is fished out. The time comes every year at the beginning of October. About pond chains, sky ponds, monks and the carp paradox

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