Reading culinary books in the city library / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cookbooks with added value

About cookbooks that open up whole new worlds, tell of the cuisines of distant countries, or provide entertaining knowledge about our foods

Hands as stencils for white paint that has been sprayed on by mouth and Reckitt's Blue, a detergent additive made from ultramarine and baking soda that used to be added to laundry detergents in Australia / © Photo: Georg Berg

Indigenous People Day

There are about 5,000 different cultures that are threatened by the destruction of their habitat, climate change and the disregard for their rights

Lengeboom / © Photo: Georg Berg

The village trutz

On February 27, 2016, the former villagers of Borschemich gathered to cut down the old village linden tree. The last landmark of the village, whose inhabitants had to make way for opencast lignite mining against their will, thus disappears

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