Marteinn Haraldson, owner of the Segull 67 brewery, is pleased with a successful prank. He just made up the fantastic story / © Photo: Georg Berg

The wish stone

The magic of the jasper stone. However, for the desired result, the instructions should be read in full beforehand. Life is not a wishful thinking concert.

The rock called Hvítserkur Troll is visible from a black sand beach. This 15 meter high basalt island resembles a dragon or a rhinoceros. / © Photo: Georg Berg

Troll or dino?

In Iceland, all exposed rock formations have at least one story. Hvítserkur is said to have been a troll with a fear of Christianity.

Seljavellir Geothermal Pool / © Photo: Georg Berg

Outdoor pool

Icelanders love the outdoor thermal bath. Volcanism has its good and bad sides. The elemental force provides energy, but can also be dangerous.

A construction site reveals: In Reykjavik, even the sidewalks have underfloor heating / © Photo: Georg Berg

Under Cover

Iceland has so much geothermal energy that even the sidewalks in the capital Reykjavik are heated geothermally. In winter, this saves having to stand on the sidewalks.

Each year, Lady Brewery collaborates with designers to create DesignMarch beer. You're holding the 2022 edition, ON A ROLL. Best before the end of time / © Photo: Georg Berg

Crazy Reykjavik

If you don’t get depressed in the Icelandic winter, you come up with the craziest ideas. So does the Lady Brewery with a useful slightly sticky label

Geldingadalir, der jüngste Vulkan Islands hat erst vor wenigen Monaten aufgehört zu spucken. Die Lava ist tiefschwarz aber immer noch spürt man die Hitze / © Foto: Georg Berg


Iceland’s youngest volcano stopped spewing only a few months ago. The lava is jet black and heat still rises from its fissures

We had to wait a long time for this photo. Because the lady on the park bench took forever to take a picture of herself on the pedestal via selfie stick / © Photo: Georg Berg

Everyone is a monument

In Kassel stands the ICH monument. The pedestal made of red sandstone, is an invitation to each and everyone to stand up for a selfie and feel unique.

Fuji usually hides behind a veil of clouds and is therefore revered in Japan as a shy goddess / © Photo: Georg Berg

Nature and monument

Some imposing wonders of nature are revered by man as monuments. Some even achieve the status of a deity. For example, Mount Fuji in Japan

Here stands the sea god Manannan Mac Lir and of course you stop at such a place, no matter how windy it is. Gortmore is a stunning viewpoint on the Bishop's Road in Northern Ireland and is part of the Causeway Coastal Route. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Donegal and the islands of Islay and Jura on the west coast of Scotland. How fortunate that the sea god put a stop to us! / © Photo: Georg Berg

Monument in the country

In the countryside, the perception of monuments is different than in the city. Even from a distance, they seem like a special place not to be missed.

Altenburg Castle with its prominent tower stands on a mountain cone on the edge of the Steigerwaldhöhe. The castle was the residence of the Bamberg prince bishops from 1305 to 1553 / © Photo: Georg Berg

Monument and city

Cities have a comparatively high density of monuments. If you wanted to understand all the monuments, you would never get anywhere in many cities.

Signage of the Fridericianum replaced for documenta 14 in Kassel: "BeingSafeIsScary" / © Photo: Georg Berg

Monument and art

No journey without a monument! Join us for the International Monument Day on April 18 on the foray through the diversity of monuments.

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