Lützerath is occupied by climate activists. The previous owners have given up and sold their properties to RWE / © Photo: Georg Berg

The home and the climate

The small village of Lützerath rarely had more than 100 inhabitants. Thanks to climate activists, Lützi has become internationally known and a symbol. Several hundred places in the Rhenish lignite area have already fallen victim to the hunger for energy and the lignite excavators before

Price list at a market in Morocco / © Photo: Georg Berg

Parlez-vous Español, please

Review of the book by Françoise Hauser, in which she describes the differences and similarities of many world languages in an easily understandable way.

Annabelle Hirsch, journalist with German-French roots explains the genesis of her first book. Things. A history of women in 100 objects / © Photo: Georg Berg

Things. A history of women

For Annabelle Hirsch, everyday objects are not trivia, but access to history. Her look at 100 objects opens a Wunderkammer of femininity

Laugh in Translation

On the occasion of the lifting of entry restrictions in October 22, a report on our trip through the Japanese province appears in the Shizuoka Shimbun.

Making-off of a cat photo. Young woman taking a photo of kittens in the old town of Meknes, Morocco. Surely this cat photo was also shared on social media afterwards / © Photo: Georg Berg

World Cat Day without cat

On World Cat Day, the number of cat photos huddling on the Internet will reach a new annual high. But without me. Therefore here cat photos almost without cat

Improvised chess game on the road / © Photo: Georg Berg

Simplicity day

July 12 is the day of simplicity. For this occasion we have compiled a photo gallery with motifs from all over the world. Especially when traveling light, the most beautiful improvisations arise from simplicity and creativity. Henry David Thoreau recommends already in 1854 the return to a simple life.

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