Austernplatte mit Meeresfrüchten im Strandpavillion Le St Pierre Tarbouriech. Hinter der Lagune liegt die Stadt Sète / © Foto: Georg Berg

Mediterranean oysters

Oysters are a popular appetizer in France. They are hardly filling, low in fat and carbohydrates, but contain many vitamins and minerals.

Cold snout de luxe

Helmut Schmidt culinary

What do rutabaga, a stew and a children’s birthday cake have to do with Helmut Schmidt? A culinary interpretation provides answers.

Curry Eggs

It’s amazing how quickly you can flavor boiled eggs. The variant with curry is exciting. So the eggs go well with many rice dishes

Cooking with Lavender

In the kitchen, lavender is also used in the form of lavender salt or lavender sugar. As a tip for use: lavender has an aromatic proximity to rosemary

Vivid purple lavender field with old stone house in the middle. In the valley of the Drome, the Alps meet Provence / © Photo: Georg Berg

Lavender flower in Drôme Provençale

The attraction of flowering lavender fields is as great as the famous Route Nationale 7 is long. What types of lavender are there and how to cook with them?

Halloumi is pan-fried with sunflower oil - it is quite stable in shape and can withstand quite a bit / © Photo: Georg Berg

Halloumi? Hellim? Grilled cheese from Cyprus

It is white, keeps its shape, squeaks against the teeth and is political. Real halloumi (Greek) or hellim (Turkish) comes from Cyprus and the Mediterranean island has been divided since 1974.

Alphorns are part of the hearty folklore at the gourmet event at the Gompm-Alm in South Tyrol. It takes place every year on the last Sunday in August. Well-known chefs prepare their dishes on old wood-burning stoves / © Photo: Georg Berg

Pfefferlechner craft brewery

South Tyrol is an ideal growth market for craft beer, because the Italians who like to try it are epicureans. Latest brewing creation is an alcohol-free beer

Chef Eric Rousselot prepares the famous Cassoulet Imperial at Hostellerie Etienne, a family-run business since 1956. The brown crust is part of a good cassoulet. Furthermore, just a simple salad and a glass of wine - c'est tout - c'est bien! / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cassoulet. Stew with history

This hearty specialty from the south of France was a poor man’s food. Ingredients: White beans, duck, sausage, bacon. Preparation classic in the cassole.

Grove of ancient olive trees "L'Oliveraie de La Farlède". In the shelter of the mountain Mont Coudon, these trees were able to survive the very hard frost in February 1956 / © Photo: Georg Berg

Olive oil from Provence

The harvest season for olives in the Var region begins in November. This is where tradition meets modernity. The differences could hardly be greater.

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