At the Hanna Koumi Restaurant and Boutique Hotel, guests appreciate the traditional food made from local products by chef and host Angeliki / © Photo: Georg Berg

Cyprus traditional cuisine

In the Maronite village of Kormakitis in Cyprus, the chef of a boutique hotel is attracting attention with consistently traditional cuisine

Stefan Fritsche with freshly stirred beer powder. The product innovation from the Neuzelle monastery brewery rethinks the beer process and impresses with climate-friendly arguments during transport / © Photo: Georg Berg

Beer powder from Brandenburg

Beer powder without brewing process. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle rethinks beer and impresses with climate-friendly arguments in transport and packaging

Marteinn Haraldsson founded the microbrewery Segull 67 in Siglufjördur in 2015 as a career changer / © Photo: Georg Berg

Iceland and the beer

Every year on March 1, Icelanders celebrate Bjórdagurinn. This day of beer commemorates the legalization of beer in 1989 after 75 years of prohibition.

Unusual baker's tool. A shovel is used to bury the baking molds and also to dig them up again / © Photo: Georg Berg

How Icelanders bake bread

In Iceland, you go to bake bread with a shovel and rubber boots. The oven needs no electricity. It bubbles and hisses and is right by the lake

Greenland shark meat cannot be eaten without special preparation. It contains trimethylamine oxide, which is broken down during digestion to trimethylamine, which can be hazardous to health / © Photo: Georg Berg

Hákarl. Shark snack from Iceland

Hákarl is considered a culinary test of courage on a trip to Iceland. Only processed the meat from the Greenland shark loses its toxic effect

Les Halles market hall in Avignon. Patrick Blanc's plant wall has a sophisticated irrigation system and triggered a boom in vertical urban greening worldwide. 20 plants grow on one square meter / © Photo: Georg Berg

The market hall of Avignon

Les Halles, the market hall of Avignon with the vertical garden of botanist Patrick Blanc and delicacies from Provence.

In the beer garden in Lana, you can taste the product range of the Pfefferlechner home brewery from tasting glasses / © Photo: Georg Berg

France and the desire for beer

The Auvergne – Rhône – Alpes region is home to a particularly large number of breweries. Why France is discovering a love of beer, tells a brewer from the Drôme Valley

Austernplatte mit Meeresfrüchten im Strandpavillion Le St Pierre Tarbouriech. Hinter der Lagune liegt die Stadt Sète / © Foto: Georg Berg

Mediterranean oysters

Oysters are a popular appetizer in France. They are hardly filling, low in fat and carbohydrates, but contain many vitamins and minerals.

Cold snout de luxe

Helmut Schmidt culinary

What do rutabaga, a stew and a children’s birthday cake have to do with Helmut Schmidt? A culinary interpretation provides answers.

Curry Eggs

It’s amazing how quickly you can flavor boiled eggs. The variant with curry is exciting. So the eggs go well with many rice dishes

Cooking with Lavender

In the kitchen, lavender is also used in the form of lavender salt or lavender sugar. As a tip for use: lavender has an aromatic proximity to rosemary

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