Original Dresden Christstollen is a raisin stollen according to the statutes of the Schutzverband Dresdner Christstollen / © Photo: Georg Berg

From show-off Stollen to Stollen etiquette

Dresden Christstollen is considered the oldest Saxon finger food. From October, it will be baked again and shipped to 190 countries. A visit to Saxony’s best-known ambassador of enjoyment

The Chronicle of Georgia is a monument visible from afar on Mount Kenisi near Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Created in 1985 by sculptor Zurab Zereteli, it is dedicated to the 3,000th anniversary of the state of Georgia and the 2,000th anniversary of Georgia's Christianization. It is little visited by tourists and locals / © Photo: Georg Berg

Georgia’s turbulent history

Persians, Mongols, Turks and Russians wanted to rule over Georgia, whose capital Tbilisi was completely destroyed 26 times. A visit to a self-confident country

Street art in Tbilisi, Georgia. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin play chess while drinking Georgian wine / © Photo: Georg Berg

Political Street Art in Georgia

Walking through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 2023, one is struck by the many European, Ukrainian and Georgian flags, all conveying a clear message. The war in Ukraine is condemned as terrorism, for which Putin is responsible. The desire for Georgia to join the EU is also expressed. The political statements on the house walls are striking. Simple statements have the greatest persuasive power. Taken as a whole, they convey an unfiltered picture of the mood

Making-of Stollen baking. Georg Berg photographs master baker Tino Gierig from the Dresden Bakehouse baking an original Dresden Christmas Stollen / © Photo: Angela Berg

Everyone wants stollen!

For the winter issue of a gourmet magazine, we went to a Dresden stollen bakery in June. The original Dresden Christstollen has an eventful history and is today Saxony’s best-known ambassador of enjoyment. The fact that Dresden Christstollen is so popular also has to do with Augustus the Strong, who, just like us, did not adhere to the Stollen Etiquette, according to which one eats the first Christstollen on Christmas Eve. From the “Protzstollen” to the “Stollen Knigge”…

Morning atmosphere at Satemwa Estate, Thyolo. Tea pickers with their pots for collecting tea leaves at work / © Photo: Georg Berg

Tea cultivation in Malawi

Satemwa Estate is the last family-run tea farm in Malawi. A place for top teas, sustainability principles and Equal Payment

Collection of confiscated guns at Majete Wildlife Reserve. The park management of African Parks has assembled them into a memorial against poaching / © Photo: Georg Berg

20 years of African Parks in Malawi

In the Majete Wildlife Reserve, it stands like a memorial, the collage of countless rifles and guns that rangers have confiscated from poachers over the years. On August 29, 2023, the NGO African Parks celebrates the 20th anniversary of its commitment to conservation and biodiversity in Malawi.

The watering hole at Thawale Lodge in Majete Wildllife Reserve is visited by a herd of elephants with young / © Photo: Georg Berg

Thawale Lodge in Majete

The lodge is located in the middle of the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Starting point for game drives, bird watching and Cheetah tracking

Pool and garden Kumbali Country Lodge near Lilongwe / © Photo: Georg Berg

Special hotels in Lilongwe

Malawi in Southeast Africa is still considered an insider tip for Africa travelers. Already in the capital Lilongwe there are special accommodations

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