Beer with best after date

Beer for the patient. The Australian Coopers brewery warns connoisseurs of Sparkling Ales against consuming beer too hastily. One should first wait for the bottle fermentation.

Australia’s Coopers Brewery prints instead of an expiration date on labels: BEST AFTER. At first I thought the date was the bottling date. But not true, because the real reason understands the English-language labeling literally and does not use best before like an authority phrase.

The real reason: after brewery fermentation, a bottle fermentation process is still set in motion, which is only completed after 14 days. Before that, the beer is digestible, but does not yet have the desired maturity. Before opening, the bottles should be rolled so that the desired cloudiness can fully develop.

Das australische Coopers stellt statt eines Verfallsdatums: BEST AFTER. Der Grund: Nach dem Brauvorgang wird noch ein zweiter Flaschengärprozess in Gang gesetzt, der nach 14 Tagen abgeschlossen ist. Vor dem Öffnen solten die Flaschen gerollt werden, damit die erwünschte Trübung sich voll entfalten kann.

Australians are beer lovers

Humpty Doo im Norden Australiens ist für seinen Stubby Wettbewerb bekannt

Not only the hot climate, but also the relaxed way of life ensure an enormous thirst for beer in Australia.

Crocodile Dundee actor Paul Hogan has made a giant beer bottle of NT Draught popular around the world. Known as Stubby for short by locals, this bottle was the focus of a legendary fast-drinking competition until 2015. Becoming a winner while drinking beer sounds tempting, especially since the rules aren’t too complicated. An impression is given below by the video shot in 1988.

Whoever could drink a Stubby the fastest was the winner. For decades, the 2.25-liter beer bottle was a source of identity for residents of the Northern Territories until Carlton & United Breweries discontinued it in 2015. The lone record holder, by the way, is a beef cow. Norman the bull, emptied a stubby in a record-breaking 47 seconds at the annual Darwin Stubby Drinking Competition at the Humpty Doo Hotel in 1988.

Biertrinker im legendären Humpty Doo Hotel
Beer drinkers at the legendary Humpty Doo Hotel / © Photo: Georg Berg

Best before: 1988

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