The market hall of Avignon

Les Halles at Place Pie in the old town of Avignon is a freshness paradise, both from the outside and the inside. On a Sunday morning, the streets of the old town are empty. But open the swinging doors to the market hall and you’re met with a cheerful bustle. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the sumptuous culinary offerings. People are happy to stand in line here for regional specialties from Provence and special bread creations. At the Cuisine Centr’Halles restaurant in the midst of all these opulent delicacies, chef Jonathan Chiri offers cooking classes. They always start with a market shopping.

Restaurant Cuisine Centr’Halles von Jon Chiri. Der gebürtige Amerikaner bietet Kochkurse in kleinen Gruppen an. Die Workshops beginnen stets mit einem Rundgang über den Markt und dem Einkauf von frischen Produkten / © Foto: Georg Berg
Restaurant Cuisine Centr’Halles by Jon Chiri. The American offers cooking classes in the market hall of Avignon / © Photo: Georg Berg.

The market hall dates back to the 70s. A sober functional building, the time-honored iron structure from the 19th century had to make way for it after 100 years of market tradition. Mobility was the trump card back then. To ensure that the market hall did not lose its importance and that customers continued to come to the city center, car drivers were kept firmly in mind and a market hall with an integrated parking garage was created for them. From today’s perspective, this was a fatal decision. Progressive, on the other hand, was the fact that the aging and unattractive hall was provided with a plant wall in 2006.

Markthalle Les Halles in Avignon. Die Pflanzenwand von Patrick Blanc hat ein ausgeklügeltes Bewässerungssystem und löste einen Boom für vertikale Stadtbegrünung weltweit aus. Auf einem Quadratmeter wachsen 20 Pflanzen / © Foto: Georg Berg
Les Halles market hall in Avignon. Plant wall by Patrick Blanc. Pioneer of vertical urban greening / © Photo: Georg Berg.

Botanist Patrick Blanc was commissioned to design the Mur Vegetale. He had already made a name for himself in Paris with the greening of the façade of the Musée des Arts Premiers on Quai Branly. With the greening of the north facade on an area of 30 by 11.50 meters, the city of Avignon entered new territory. The plants were not guided along the façade from the ground, but were attached directly to the façade thanks to an ingenious irrigation system that Patrick Blanc had spent years tinkering with. Twenty plants per square meter grow on the façade of Les Halles. With his invention of a wall-mounted system, the botanist Blanc founded the boom in vertical gardens, which are intended to make inner cities around the world more livable.

Marktstand der Boulangerie Panissain in der Markthalle von Avignon. Rund 40 Aussteller aus der Region bieten in Les Halles ihre Waren an / © Foto: Georg Berg
Market stall of the Boulangerie Panissain in the Avignon market hall. Around 40 exhibitors from the region offer their goods here / © Photo: Georg Berg

Tradition and freshness

In its early days, Avignon’s marketplace consisted of a multitude of small market women’s stalls. This was an early social project of the city, because the operators of these small stalls were widows who were able to make a living in this way. The days when marketplaces were the vital supply arteries of a city are over. The markets also had to reinvent themselves. Today, Avignon’s market halls are temples of pleasure, where freshness and quality of goods are the trump cards.

Fischverkauf in der Markthalle von Avignon / © Foto: Georg Berg
Selling fish in the Avignon market hall / © Photo: Georg Berg

Here, producers from the region offer their best products for tasting. People come not only to shop, but also to linger. Restaurants and cafés have established themselves between the market stalls. There are communal areas with tables and chairs to eat your purchases right away or enjoy a glass of Côtes du Rhône. The indoor market is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday except Monday, including Saturdays and Sundays. So there are plenty of opportunities not only to admire the green façade of Les Halles, but also to stroll through the aisles. At the latest at the stand of the Boulangerie Panissain everyone will be weak!

An American in Avignon

Chefkoch Jon Chiri lebt seit 20 Jahren in Avignon und hat in Spitzenrestaurants gekocht. In den USA hat er lange in New Orleans gelebt, so dass er gerne mit Elementen der dortigen Fusion-Küche spielt / © Foto: Georg Berg
Chef Jon Chiri has lived in Avignon for 20 years and has cooked in top restaurants / © Photo: Georg Berg
Jon Chiri ist gebürtiger Amerikaner mit großer Leidenschaft für die provencalische Küche. Einen Twist zur Küche seiner Heimat USA erlaubt er sich dennoch / © Foto: Georg Berg
Jon Chiri is a native American with a great passion for Provencal cuisine / © Photo: Georg Berg

Jon Chiri has lived in Avignon for over 20 years. Before starting his own restaurant, Cuisine Centr’Halles, in Avignon’s indoor market, the American-born chef worked for six years at the Michelin-starred restaurant and luxury hotel La Mirande, nestled right against the walls of the Pope’s palace. Provençal cuisine, its flavors, the variety and freshness of regional products still inspire him today. He passes on this enthusiasm in his cooking workshops amidst the hustle and bustle of the market. Those who don’t want to cook for themselves can sit down at the tables around his market stall for lunch. For gourmets, however, the cooking class is an ideal opportunity to get to know Avignon and its culinary specialties better. Each cooking class, whether during the week or on the weekend, always begins with a visit to the market and the purchase of produce for lunch.

Kochkurs mit Jon Chiri im Restaurant Cuisine Centr’Halles. Gekocht und gegessen wird hier auf kleinstem Raum. Alle Zutaten stammen von den umliegenden Markthändlern. Frische ist Trumpf / © Foto: Georg Berg
Cooking class with Jon Chiri at the Cuisine Centr’Halles restaurant. All ingredients are sourced from surrounding market vendors/ © Photo: Georg Berg.

A pinch of Louisiana in Les Halles

Casual, humorous and with practical tips, Jon Chiri spices up his cooking class. He spent his first cooking years in Louisiana. From the Southern kitchen, a classic of Cajun cuisine accompanies him to this day. Gumbo is a rich, long-cooked stew with rice and shrimp. Jon Chiri’s signature gumbo is almost always on the menu. For fans of French cuisine who don’t speak French, and there are probably many of those in the world, Jon offers real value. That’s because his classes are held in English, if needed. The course is ideal for four people. It lasts about three hours, you can also do it yourself, and at the end there is a three-course meal with a good glass of Côtes du Rhône. More information about Cuisine Centr’Halles.

Ein Klassiker der Cajun-Küche aus Louisiana ist Gumbo. Ein gehaltvoller Eintopf mit Reis und Crevetten. Bei Jonathan Chiri ist es oft auf der Tageskarte zu finden / © Foto: Georg Berg
A classic of Cajun cuisine from Louisiana is gumbo. The stew with rice and shrimp is often on the daily menu at Jonathan Chiri’s / © Photo: Georg Berg

Culinary and culturally, Avignon has an incredible amount to offer. A visit to the Palace of the Popes is not to be missed. It is the cultural heavyweight of the city. But there are also little things to discover. When walking through the old town, it’s worth lifting your head and looking out for street art and theater windows at second floor level.

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